Meet PHYTONOVATHRIX — The newer, cooler cousin of PHYTOLOGIST

Hey PHYTO Fans! We have some exciting news over here. One of your favorite botanical-based products just got an update and we are here for it! We know how hair thinning and loss is one of the most common issues many people – men and women – experience. Haircare is serious business to us and all of our formulas are created to help your hair reach its maximum potential, naturally.

Our dedication carries over to ensuring that all of our products are the best they can be, and when we feel it’s time to make an update, we dive in hair first.

While the name may look different, you can rest assured that our PHYTONOVATHRIX carries the same power and effectiveness as its predecessor, PHYTOLOGIST.

Same strength and protection.

Same ability to produce thicker, fuller hair.

Same scalp energizing and stimulating ingredients.

Different name and improved formula to combat hair thinning even better than it did before (and it was already pretty fantastic).

The PHYTONOVATRHIX update, inspired by our patented, award-winning formula, is further enhanced with the power of celery seed extract, helping to promote your hair’s beauty and density.

PHYTONOVATHRIX is the ultimate ally for fine/thin hair to help aid in addressing hair thinning. Botanicals like guarana and red algae extracts immediately fortify and protect the scalp and hair.

The Fortifying Energizing Shampoo tones the scalp while fortifying hair fibers.

The Ultimate Thickening Treatment reinforces hair at each stage of its development 

The Energizing Hair Mass Lotion is perfect for your daily haircare needs, re-invigorating and re-structuring weak hair while making styling easy breezy. 


This isn’t just a PHYTONOVATHRIX love fest. We have stats from real use!

Hair thinning was slowed down by 84%*

Hair falls out less when styling for 75%*

Hair is less brittle for 78%*

Hair regains strength and vigor for 79%*

Men and women can both benefit from the botanical formula to address varying levels of hair thinning attributed to stress, illness, fatigue, pregnancy, hormonal imbalance and genetics. You don’t have to succumb to hair thinning, no matter where you are in the different stages. Check out all of the PHYTONOVATRHIX products to see how you can incorporate them into your haircare routine and get thicker, healthier hair.

*of satisfaction instrumental measurement – Clinical study on 74 volunteers for 3 months – applied 3 times a week.