It would be grand if we were all naturally blessed with thick and luscious hair. Hair that is voluminous come rain or shine. That would save so many hours from our lives. Hours that we can spend sleeping in a little longer. But that is not the world many of us live in. Everyone’s hair has fallen flat and limp at some point in time. Each woman is different, but flat hair is problem we have all faced at least once. It is most noticeable at the top of your head, but the midsection of your hair is just as susceptible to looking limp.

A surefire cure that has won awards aplenty for battling flat hair is our Phytovolume Actif Volumizing Spray. It’s heat activated and packed with ingredients that actually nurture your hair. Unlike most volumizing sprays, this is one that benefits you in the long run and gives your hair some oomph. Since you have to use it prior to styling, the volume that you would normally get from your blow dryer is increased and lasts longer courtesy of the spray. Just give the bottle a good shake and spray onto your roots. It doesn’t leave your hair sticky or crunchy after application, making it safe to use everyday. It’s weightless too, which is perhaps the most vital trait in any good volumizing hair spray. What’s the point of a volumizing spray if it’s heavy and pushed your hair down with time.

The reason Phytovolume Actif Volumizing Spray is so revered and regarded a cult favorite among stylists and beauty publications is because of the wonder ingredients we use to make it.

  • Nasturtium: This is a herb that works miraculously when applied topically onto your roots. It stimulates growth and reduces hair loss. When your hair gets stronger and less prone to breakage and falling, its roots lift up giving your hair more height.

  • Beetroot Alcohol: Any kind of hair spray is going to require something a drying ingredient that stops the spray from staying wet and falling on your scalp. Most would have a form of chemical alcohol that would be the drying agent, but we use beetroot alcohol instead. This helps hold the spray in place, allowing your styled hair to retain its shape and killer good looks throughout the day. Any harsh component can easily turn into buildup on your scalp, which you want to avoid at all costs. Beetroot is high on carotenoids which give your hair added lustre and shine.

  • Wheat Proteins and Hydrolyzed Keratin: The final two star ingredients plump the diameter of each hair strand to impart body and fullness. Hydrolyzed Keratin strengthen the cuticle, cortex and medulla of your hair. While the wheat proteins increase elasticity, making it the perfect cure for thinning hair. Combined, the two texturize, add body, and shine.