Thinning hair is often associated with aging but losing volume and thickness is a problem people from all different age groups face. There are a variety of reasons why hair starts to thin and fall off. At the most basic level, hair fall is a completely natural process that is just as standard in humans as it is among all other animals. We shed and molt too. The problem arises when the quantity of hair fall is more than usual.

The first and most common reason why we suffer from hair loss is the change of season. Seasonal hair loss is prevalent during spring and fall. Fall is when we shed the most. This type of hair loss is actually completely normal. If you notice that you are losing thickness and volume around this time and your hair fall is minimal throughout the rest of the year, all you need is to give your hair an additional boost.

Phytopolléne Scalp Treatment is the first product we designed. We have always known that a healthy scalp leads to healthy hair and hair growth. The primary function of this product is to balance and purify your scalp. It stimulates circulation and boosts blood flow which leads you to have better hair growth.

The second type of hair loss that is common is reactionary hair loss. This is prevalent in both men and women. It occurs when there is a hormonal change. It could also happen if you’re stressed, on a diet, or as a side effect of a medication.

We created Phytocyane Thinning Collection for this type of hair loss. It deals exclusively with reactional hair loss by boosting keratin production and promoting micro-circulation. The shampoo is the first step of the treatment, followed by the Phytocyane Serum. The shampoo improves the density and luster of hair with the help of Ginkgo Biloba and Cinchona Bark extracts. It protects the bulb of your hair and lays the foundation for the serum. In addition to maintaining the strength of your hair, it also keeps your hair from graying. It promotes the growth of melanin and actually locks it in your hair. Use this 3 times a week for the first month and two times a week for the following months. You won’t regret it

In addition to topical treatments, our best seller Phytophanére Supplements is created to jump-start your keratin levels internally. It also increases the strength of your nails. Using this supplement in addition to Phytocyane is a combination treatment we have cultivated for years with incredible results. Both lines are a match made in heaven. 

The next type of hair loss is chronic or genetic hair loss, which is common among men but women can suffer from this as well. Our Phytolium Collection is created for this type of hair loss. The concentrate must be used on the scalp only, not the hair. You want to target the roots since that’s where the damage really is. Phytologist Collection is created for both men and women who suffer from this type of hair loss. Use the concentrate after cleansing your hair, preferably 3 times a week for 3 months. It essentially ensures that your hair stays on your scalp and extends the lifespan of each hair follicle.

Hair loss has varying degrees and causes, it's important to know which one you are dealing with before you jump into a treatment. We recommend each product for a minimum of 3 months use because short-term results are never satisfactory.