When it comes to hair goals, there's one that every woman has: gorgeous, healthy-looking hair that has volume and moves with you. If you've got fine, flat hair, you know that the struggle is real. But believe it or not, it is possible to transform your flat strands into big, bouncy locks with volume.

Voluminous and dense hair is possible with the right haircare routine. Here's the breakdown on thicker looking hair:

1. For Thicker Hair, Trim It Every Six Weeks.

Get rid of your split ends by taking an inch of hair, twirling it around with your finger and trim the extra bits of hair that stick out. These are your split ends and getting rid of them is not only conducive to healthier but thicker hair.

2. Don't Wash Your Hair Too Often

Try to keep washing your hair to a bare minimum, we usually recommend washing twice a week. This allows the natural oils to condition your hair as well as keep breakage to a minimum. Washing your hair too often will only encourage your scalp to produce even more oil, thus making it greasy quicker. Having said that also try to not let your hair become too greasy. So it's all about keeping some balance.


Whatever you put into your hair will affect your scalp and strands. Always use products that do not weight down your hair, and reach for products that lift at the root. Here's the breakdown on what you should be using. 

CLEANSE: Removing product build-up and deeply cleansing the scalp is the first step to thicker strands. Product build-up will weight down the hair, and cause dullness. Start by cleansing your hair with PHYTODENSIA Shampoo. It deeply cleanses the scalp, while nourishing and densifying your strands. 

NOURISH: Hydrated and nourished hair strands are crucial to keep the hair healthy. Treat your hair with PHYTODENSIA Mask to deeply nourish the hair, while giving density to each hair strand.

STYLE: This is where voluminous-looking hair starts. Apply PHYTODENSIA Serum onto the scalp to revive and thicken up the hair at the root level. Then apply PHYTOVOUME ACTIF Spray at the root, and blow dry to give maximum volume.