Did you know that if you look at the diameter of a hair strand, it’s round for straight hair and nearly flat for tightly coiled hair? Did you know that textured hair is often matte instead of shiny because there are more air bubbles inside the hair strands? And did you know that textured hair contains little to no moisture and is therefore prone to breakage?

There are many differences between the ID-systems of straight and coiled hair and that’s why PHYTO SPECIFIC was developed. Let’s embrace the principle that specific hair requires specific care. Curly-haired girls, this one’s for you!

The first collection of PHYTO SPECIFIC debuted in 1998 after Mr. Patrick Alès decided to extend his treatment range to include formulas exclusively designed for curly, coiled, textured, and relaxed hair. With the guidance of Dr. Fatou Batchily-Plat, PhD, who understands the concerns of women of color, and who has been leading the PHYTO SPECIFIC R&D team at Phytosolba Laboratories since its inception, PHYTO SPECIFIC has been at the top in plant-based hair care for all textured hair.

After years of research on textured hair, advanced learning of extraction technology, continuous development of botanical complexes, and many clinical studies, the power duo created highly concentrated botanical formulas, free of chemicals that are safe on natural, relaxed, and textured hair.

The latest revolutionary release of hair products for textured hair by PHYTO SPECIFIC is called Curl Legend. A couple of beautifiers that gives your natural curls legendary definition and shine.

The first one is the Curl Energizing Spray, which is like a spa in a bottle. Anyone looking for full-bodied, bouncy, ultra-soft, and shiny curls should have this in their beauty cabinet. The second one is the Curl Sculpting Cream-Gel that gives you the hold and definition of a gel and the nourishment of a cream. If you’re looking for hold and flexibility to control the frizz and define your curls, the cream-gel does the trick.

What makes them so special? Carob Extract, Elasticurl Technology, and Botanical Caviar. Sounds luxurious, right?

The intricate and intertwined network of fibers in curly hair can cause fiber fraction and knots, which leads to frequent breakage. The carob extract, which is rich in vitamins and minerals, helps fortify the hair fibers, and prevents breakage from happening. Curly and coiled hair often lacks shine and appears dry, dull, frizzy, and difficult to detangle. The elasticurl technology contains Vegetable Cellulose, that strengthens the hair strands with a frizz-free curl memory, and Chitosan, which prevents the hair fibers from drying out by surrounding the hair strand as a protective film that holds the curls and makes them shine.

Last but not least, the botanical caviar. If you’ve ever cooked quinoa you know that you cook it until all of the water has been absorbed into the grains. We used that specific aspect of the chenopodium quinoa and added it to the Curl Legend products. It strengthens the curls by absorbing water inside the hair strands and releasing it when the hair becomes dehydrated. Who would’ve thought quinoa could be this effective in your hair?

The Curl Legend series is nothing like your everyday beautifier. Instead of giving you a shallow voluminous styling for a day, the Curl Energizing Spray and the Curl Sculpting Cream-Gel works from the inside out of each hair strand to enhance and intensify your already perfect and beautiful curls!