26 years ago, Janet St. Paul began her career as a professional hairstylist in New York City where she worked with clients like Diane Sawyer, Martha Stewart, and Sigourney Weaver. About nine years ago, she decided to open her own salon in Austin, Texas, because she wanted to feel even more connected with her clients. In June, she expanded to a bigger salon and we’re so happy to announce that she agreed to be the official PHYTO Paris North American Flagship Salon!

With a mix of the softness of Austin and the edginess of New York, Janet runs her PHYTO Paris exclusive salon with the mission to give her clients a unique and different experience. Since this type of collaboration is a first for us, we wanted to give you the opportunity to get to know her better and share her thoughts on PHYTO Paris. We hope you like it!

PHYTO PARIS: How has PHYTO Paris' products changed your approach to haircare and styling?
JSP: I was actually using PHYTO Paris’ products when I started my career 26 years ago and I must admit that they’ve made a huge impact throughout my career. Don’t get me wrong, I tried many other products along the way but none of them compared to the quality of PHYTO Paris’ products, so I just couldn’t stay away.

What I think makes it so special is its unique point of difference. I’ve never encountered another brand with such focus on the science behind plants and taking care of the scalp first and treating the hair’s needs second. Through this approach, you build a sustainable RX that allows you to drive real results for your client and therefore also build a stronger and more genuine relationship between the two of you.

After experiencing a styling epidemic consisting of synthetics that only coats the hair and congests the scalp and pores, PHYTO Paris has really revolutionized how I take care of my clients’ hair.

PHYTO PARIS: When did your love for PHYTO Paris begin?
JSP: I fell in love with PHYTO Paris 26 years ago when I first started out as a professional hairstylist in Manhattan, New York.

PHYTO PARIS: What is the first PHYTO Paris product that you tried?
JSP: I remember doing a lot of blowouts and after using Phytodéfrisant just one time, I was hooked. It made it so easy doing a blowout for those with really coarse, rough hair.

_MG_7062 copy.jpg
I think the fact that PHYTO Paris’ products are able to give our clients the visible results that they want, is what makes it so wonderful for me and my stylists to use it.

PHYTO PARIS: What is your advice for scalp care?
JSP: The single, most useful advice I can give my clients is to use Phytopolléine. It increases the circulation in the scalp, which nourishes the hair and it also increases the performance of your whole PHYTO Paris hair care routine.

PHYTO PARIS: What is your advice to aspiring hairstylists on their career?
JSP: To those just starting out, my advice would be to always continue to train technically. Because by doing so, it’ll keep you updated on all trends and you’ll therefore continuously raise your individual valuation and your prices as well. Also, don’t forget to always listen carefully and authentically to your clients’ needs.

PHYTO PARIS: In your salon, why do you think stylists love PHYTO Paris?
JSP: I think the fact that PHYTO Paris’ products are able to give our clients the visible results that they want, is what makes it so wonderful for me and my stylists to use it. It allows us to give our clients that natural, youthful, and modern-looking hair with radiance and shine that so many of them are looking for.

PHYTO PARIS: Which product do you use the most on clients? Why?
JSP: I’m very fond of the Phytoelixir Cleansing Care Cream and I use tons of it on my clients. What’s great about it is that it thoroughly heals the hair and doesn’t mess with the natural pH-levels, which is so important. I also love how it creates beautiful volume and movement in the hair after a blowout.

PHYTO PARIS: What PHYTO Paris products are needed to recreate a voluminous and effortless hairstyle?
JSP: For starters, it’s always important to consider what type of hair texture my clients have and what will ultimately work best for their hair. For a beautiful, full blowout on someone with coarse hair texture for example, I would probably start with Phytolisse shampoo followed by the Phytocitrus mask as a treatment to set the scene.

Before blow drying, I would run my fingers through the hair with some Huile Soyeuse to get that silkiness and shine. I would also add Phytovolume Actif to the roots, section by section, because lifting the roots before drying the hair is imperative to get that voluminous effect. Finally, I would add Phytodéfrisant mixed with one pump of the Phytolisse serum on the wet lengths and then it’s ready for a blowout!