In Spring, we flew out to Chicago to meet with Behind The Chair and PHYTO Paris Global Artistic Director, Anthony Cristiano, to bring you a step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve denser and thicker locks. 

Here's how PHYTO Paris Global Artistic Director Anthony Cristiano uses the right cut and the right PHYTO Paris products to thicken her strands and give her hair volume for days.



2. Wash the hair twice using PHYTOLOGIST Energizing Shampoo. The first round of shampooing will cleanse the hair while the second round will prepare the scalp for the treatment.

Note: On the second round, leave the shampoo in the hair for about 2 minutes to allow the shampoo to oxygenate, then rinse.


3. After cleansing, follow up with PHYTOJOBA Mask to nourish the hair and rinse. Then, have her stand so you can accurately create the base line in the back. Using a wide-tooth comb as your guideline, cut the hair at a square, one-length line.


4 .Moving to the sides, Anthony suggests turning your client's head to the side and then having them lean back when working with hair that falls at the shoulder or collarbone. This keeps the shoulder out of the way of the cut and allows you to cut the hair evenly.


5. Section off the back of the hair and at the base of her crown, create square layers to give the cut more structure. Then, remove the clips and cross-check your shape by trimming the rest of her hair and ensuring each layer follows the curvature of her head.


6. For the fringe area, have your client lean forward slightly toward you and comb this section of the hair forward. Determine where her parting is and trim the fringe into a triangle shape.


7. Refine the cut and clean up any imperfections by trimming the ends section by section, as needed.


8. Rinse the hair before applying any treatment. Then, section by section, apply one ampule of PHYTOLOGIST directly to the scalp systematically by dotting it on. Then, massage the product into the hair to ensure the scalp is completely covered.


9. Spray a generous amount of PHYTO Intense Volume Mousse into your palm. Grab a wide-tooth comb, run the comb through the mousse, then run the comb through her hair. This ensures the product evenly distributes throughout.

Alternative: Spray PHYTOVOLUME ACTIF Volumizing Spray onto the roots before blow drying for ultimate volume.


10. Blow-dry the hair by wrapping the hair around the brush and then moving the brush up toward the scalp. Twist the brush as you release the hair to create a curl. Finish the style by spritzing PHYTO Plage Protective Sun Veil.

Pro Tip: When your brush is at the scalp, hit it with cold air to set the curl.



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