Why We Say NO To Dry Shampoo


For the last few years, dry shampoo has gotten a ton of attention. Celebrities tout their favorite brands; it’s all over social media; stylists to the stars are all abuzz about it. Here’s the thing…we’re not into it. Sure, dry shampoo helps extend the time between traditional shampoo washes. You don’t have to resort to throwing your tresses into a ponytail after a workout until you’re ready to wash it. However, there’s also a pretty significant downside.  With the freedom of taking a hiatus from washing your hair and using dry shampoo as a quick fix, you also face haircare challenges like build-up and dull, lifeless hair. And nobody deserves lackluster hair.At PHYTO we know hair – the good, the bad and the ugly. We know the ins and outs of haircare routines and products. We spend our time in the trenches, taking all of the feedback from customers and stylists, as well as research and clinical studies and data for days. We then pour that knowledge into our botanical-based products. So, when it comes to dry shampoo, we suggest taking a hard pass. We totally get that you don’t want to shampoo every day, and we agree! But there are better, healthier ways to skip that rinse without damaging your hair.

The secret is to treat the scalp. PHYTO is all about the scalp and trust us we when tell you that your scalp is NOT a fan of dry shampoo.

While there are many reasons we opt for the power of botanicals over dry shampoo, here are our top three!

Essential oils for the win. PHYTOPOLLÉINE is packed with the goodness of sage, eucalyptus and more. They work together to purify the scalp. That means impurities, residues and other yuckiness weighing down your hair are removed, but gently. This little bottle is filled with four pounds of plants. Every last drop is designed to energize and fortify your hair.

Out with the bad, in with the good. After balancing your scalp with PHYTOPOLLÉINE, it’s time to wash away all the bad with PHYTONEUTRE. This clarifying detox shampoo stimulates the scalp and eliminates product build-up without stripping hair of its natural protective barrier, leaving your hair bouncy, shinny and feeling super fresh!

Volumize without compromise. When you hair starts feeling dull and flat a few days after you washed it, you can bring it back to life by spraying PHYTOVOLUME Actif on your roots and use a blow dryer to add volume and shine. This talc-free, lightweight formula will leave your hair feeling refreshed without any product build-up (unlike dry shampoos).

Before you reach for the dry shampoo, think about how much more your scalp would enjoy some TLC. Do that instead and you’ll see the difference in your hair. You know what they say…healthy scalp, healthy hair!