Your Hair Needs to Relax

Many times, hair relaxers get a bad rap, on account of all of the chemicals. But we are here to set the record straight! We can’t speak for all relaxers, but in the world of hair care, PHYTOrelaxers are different. While other products rely on strong chemicals such as Ammonia Thioglycolate or THIO (try saying that three times fast!) and Lye, known as Caustic Soda, PHYTO prefers to stick with what we know – Botanicals.

We’re here to debunk the myth that in order for relaxers to work they must be loaded with chemicals. PHYTO has the only relaxer on the market boasting ingredients from 100% natural origins. That means, no sodium, no calcium hydroxide, no THIO or any of its counterparts. Instead, we use an odorless egg, soy and shitake mushroom-based formula that gently yet effectively relaxes hair and guards the scalp keeping it safe. There’s no lye and that’s no lie! You get relaxed hair that still maintains body and bounce. And don’t forget the shine. So much shine.

PHYTOrelaxers pack all the punch without the potent chemicals. This treatment relaxer balances the pH and keeps everything in check so your hair doesn’t suffer damage and the natural flora of your scalp is preserved.  The super conditioning formula is safe for all curl types and is great for straightening as well as texturizing.

PHYTOrelaxer comes in two different strengths so you can choose what’s best for your specific concern and texture.

PHYTORelaxer Index 1 is ideal for delicate, fine and color-treated hair and PHYTORelaxer Index 2 is perfect for normal, resistant or coarse hair. They both use botanicals to loosen curls and texturize and they both provide a laundry list of benefits, including:

·      Unmatched conditioning

·      Preserved integrity of hair fibers

·      NO HARSH CHEMICALS (That’s really the best part so we’re getting a little shouty)

·      Ideal for even the most sensitive scalps

·      Maintains body, bounce and luster

We’re pretty proud of our PHYTOrelaxers and what they can do without those yucky chemicals. We also want you to know that all relaxers are not the same. Be sure to check those ingredients and know that you can rest assured that PHYTO has your hair and scalp’s best interest in mind. Your hair can totally relax.