HOW TO: Mix and Match Hair Products


We create all of our PHYTO formulas with many things in mind. Botanicals are obviously huge since everything we create is bustling with the power of plants. Nature is awesome, and we’ve found ways for it to spread that awesomeness right to your hair. Our goal is to make sure we have something for everyone since we also know that every head of hair is like a unique thumbprint. There’s no shortage of variety among our bevy of products.’

But one of the most common questions we get is if you can mix and match formulas from different collections. The answer is yes. All. The. Yes.

While PHYTO collections are specifically designed to complement each other and help you achieve the gorgeous, healthy hair you want, all of our products also play well with others. It’s actually more common than you may realize for customers to mix and match from our lines. Why? Because sometimes different hair goals require you to call in different haircare reinforcements.

However, there is a right way to mix things up. It’s less about the products you choose and more about how you use them. There are little best practices we like to share with all of our PHYTO peeps when it comes to washing your locks if you are going to be dipping into different formulas.

1)  Treat

Your first shampoo is meant to treat whatever issues you are experiencing. Dandruff? Frizz? Thinning Hair? Oily Scalp? Whatever your priority, pick a PHYTO formula that addresses it and use it to take care of your main hair concern. We always suggest letting it sit in your hair for a couple minutes, so it can really get in there and nourish your hair.




The next two times you wash should be for some maintenance. Time to use a daily shampoo and mask that will keep your tresses looking healthy between treatments. Keep in mind that your scalp might need a different type of care from your ends, so don’t be afraid to shop accordingly (ex: you might need a shampoo that tackles an oily scalp and a deep conditioner for damaged and dry ends).



You’ll find our products online broken in to categories based on specific needs to make it easy to determine what your best route might be. And if you’re shopping in a store, don’t fret because an associate will be able to walk you through your options. And as always, we love to talk to our customers and help them get that perfect hair day every day, so feel free to reach out to us directly!

PHYTO has a number of incredible formulas specifically designed for daily use as well as those that are purposely more concentrated and therefore meant to be used as treatments. There’s a method behind all of our formulas and what they are meant to do. But we also designed them to be able to tackle things together and to be super inclusive. No mean girls here! You and your gorgeous hair can totally sit with us.