PHYTO Takes on CURLFEST to Celebrate Curly Hair

At PHYTO we are fans of every hair type – long, short, curly, straight. Our affection for hair knows no bounds. So, when we had the chance to participate in CURLFEST we went all in.

Curly hair deserves to be properly celebrated and it requires a very specific type of haircare routine to keep its shape. That’s exactly why we brought along our arsenal of PHYTO Specific products, geared toward curly hair.

While we often talk and write about PHYTO’s botanical haircare formulas, when there’s an opportunity to get some hands-on hair time, we’re here for it. During CURLFEST, we had a 10x10 booth where we set up our very own pop up styling station. Guests were able to touch and test all of the products instead of just perusing the aisles of a beauty supply or drug store. We also brought in reinforcements – a crew of stylists with expertise in curly hair. They spent the event helping guests do hair touch-ups, create spectacular braids and lend their experience to guests to offer solid recommendations on the best ways to care for their curls.

We introduced guests to products like, Cleansing Care Cream – since the no-lather formula is a generation care cream that gently and thoroughly cleanses as it deeply moisturizes and conditions the driest hair and scalp in one step. Also in our toolkit were, Curl Legend Cream Gel and Curl Legend Energizing Spray to style, sculpt and energize your curls without weighing them down. And of course we couldn’t touch curls without bringing our award winning, BAOBAB Oil, recipient of the Editor’s Choice Award. This multi-purpose leave-in treatment nourishes dehydrated hair, scalps and bodies and is a curly haired fan favorite!

Because a healthy scalp is crucial to growing beautiful, nourished hair, PHYTO offered a scalp analysis to interested attendees. We believe deeply in helping everyone get their scalp into shape so it can do what it’s meant to do. It’s not enough to just focus on the hair itself if you want the best results. But this wasn’t a job for just anybody. We brought in our friend, Dr. Dina (yes, a real life dermatologist) who has intimate knowledge of scalp health. She spent time addressing scalp concerns mane people face but don’t know how to tackle and treat.

I guess you could say that we are straight up curl enthusiasts. Attending this year’s CURLFEST was an incredible experience and we’re looking forward to next year. Now, go show off that curly hair!