Don’t Let Your Hair Take The Heat

Summer may be wrapping up soon, but that doesn’t mean the heat is going away so quickly. You know that heat that smacks you in the face and makes you feel like you need three showers a day? Those hot UV rays beaming down from the sun can really do a number on your hair. Especially your color. The hues you’ve perfected can easily fall victim to damage. So, when you put on your sunscreen add your locks to the list for some sun protection, too.

Our PHYTOPLAGE line is specifically designed using botanicals to protect your hair from the sun and its UV rays. It can be used as a collection or you can pick the products a la carte style.

After a day in the sun, you’ll love PHYTO PLAGE Shampoo. It works double time and gives a giant boost of hydration to your hair and body. Wash away sand, salt, sunscreen and other residues built up from the day. Revive your hair and leave it moisturized and silky soft. Get rid of all of the impurities without stripping your hair.

After you lather up with SPF, throw some on your hair. PHYTO PLAGE protective sun veil shields your color from sun damage with a lightweight formula. It’s the invisible sunscreen we all need and gives you next level shine.


After you get your swimsuit on, get that perfect beachy hair look with PHYTO PLAGE PROTECTIVE SUN OIL. It’s waterproof and adds a dose of glamour while you sit poolside. While it moisturizes and softens your hair, it also protects your color and hydrates all day. It’s no accident that this is a New York Fashion Week fave.

Even when you’re not basking in the sun, there are plenty of ways to protect your color. Our entire PHYTOCOLOR line is totally formulated with your color in mind.

PHYTOCOLOR Gel is the perfect leave-in shine booster to safeguard your color against external aggressors. PHYTOCOLOR Shampoo and Mask are also great little color preservers. Put that color on lockdown using the power of botanicals.

Listen, just because summer is coming to an end, that doesn’t mean your color has to do the same. Stretch your gorgeous color regardless of the season with PHYTO power. All botanicals all year long.