Changing The World, One Tree at a Time

Everything we do at PHYTO revolves around plants. Everything. Literally from the beginning of our process, which all starts at our labs in France. We grow the finest botanicals and harvest them to handcraft formulas that nourish your hair without chemicals.

We also like to give back – to the community and the planet. So, it makes perfect sense for us to connect with non-profit organizations that give back to the planet as well. What better way to get in that give back spirit during the holidays, than to partner with One Tree Planted

This holiday season, we looked to the vast network of non-profits that collaborate with 1% of the Planet to get some inspo. That’s when we were introduced to One Tree Planted and learned about their mission -  to reforest the planet and provide education, awareness and engagement on the importance of trees. How does this translate to philanthropy? Every dollar donated to the organization equals a tree planted. We love everything about their purpose and knew it was a perfect fit.

But we also didn’t want to stop there. Instead, we took it a step further and partnered with Million Trees Miami. PHYTO had a group of volunteers in their tree planting event. We planted 50 trees at the Tropical Estates Park in Miami, FL. Why? Because at PHYTO we like to get our hands dirty. Yes, we like to give back in the form of donating proceeds where we can. But we also like to rally our people behind causes that impact our planet. We’ve learned a few things about philanthropy over the last several decades. One of the most important takeaways we’ve found is that people are more invested in giving back if you include them in the process.

We work together as a cohesive unit every day to bring you the finest botanical haircare but taking our team outside of the office to plant trees with our own hands was something pretty spectacular. We believe in our business and in giving back, and it’s important that our people feel close to those things as well.

We’re not just about gorgeous hair (I mean, we love it a lot). We’re also into our planet and treating it right so, just like your hair, it can continue to thrive and be around for a long long time. So, this holiday season do something great. Give something back in whatever way feels right to you.

We wish you all a happy and philanthropic holiday season.