The PHYTO Team Haircare Routine

At PHYTO, we totally drink our own Kool-Aid. So, when we talk about products and treatments, you can rest assured that we very much practice what we preach!

Here’s an inside view into the actual haircare routines of some of our PHYTO team members.


François Hourcastagnou, CEO

Hair Type: Normal, straight

Hair Concern: Thinning and scalp sensitivity

PHYTO Picks: François loves the cooling effect of PHYTOAPAISANT shampoo, which soothes and restores the scalp as well as restoring its protective barrier. He alternates with PHYTODETOX Shampoo to eliminate any build up and pollution residue at least 1x a week, and goes for a power detox 2x a month with the PHYTODETOX Mask. He also uses PHYTOPOLLÉINE overnight 2x a week to keep his scalp balanced, and applies PHYTONOVATHRIX Serum the following morning to encourage healthy hair growth and slow down thinning.


Astrid Soderlund, Retail & E-Retail Sales Manager

Hair Type: Highlighted, fine, and straight

Hair Concern: Thinning and color protection

PHYTO Picks: To address her thinning hair, Astrid uses PHYTOCYANE three times a week to strengthen hair and add vitality, while promoting keratin production. Astrid also takes PHYTOPHANÈRE supplements to strengthen hair and nails from the inside out. She alternates between PHYTOCOLOR and PHYTOJOBA shampoos and masks to keep her hair hydrated without compromising the integrity of her color. But she doesn’t stop at shampoo and masks! Astrid uses PHYTOJOBA Care Gel daily for some extra shine and even more hydration. In between washes, PHYTODETOX spray is on her list, to keep her hair looking fresh and clean.


Paola Sola, Trade Marketing Associate

Hair Type: Dry, loose curls

Hair Concern: Frizz and dryness

PHYTO Picks: Living in Miami, shrouded in ALL the humidity, doesn’t bode well for most heads of hair. To keep her hair moisturized, Paola loves using PHYTOELIXIR Oil once a week followed by the PHYTOELIXIR Shampoo and Mask , which she leaves on for 10 minutes to feed her hair straight up botanical goodness. She also likes to alternate shampoos and uses PHYTODETOX Shampoo to rid her hair of any build-up. On a daily basis, Paola uses PHYTO 7 and a drop of Baobab Oil to boost shine and hydration. If she’s going for a more au natural look, letting her curls take the lead, she uses Curl Legend Cream Gel, providing natural, lasting hold and super bouncy curls.


Christyn Nawrot, Education Director

Hair Type: Color-treated, dry, wavy

Hair Concern: Hydration and color protection

PHYTO Picks: Christyn has super sensitive skin and has a routine that works perfectly for her without irritating her scalp and skin. She shampoos once a week with PHYTOAPAISANT followed by our popular PHYTOJOBA Mask . Every day she uses PHYTOCOLOR Shine Activating Gel for a fantastic dose of vibrance and color protection. Christyn uses PHYTOPOLLÉINE twice a month to give her scalp the nourishment and balance it needs to stay in tip-top shape.


Libeth Castro, Sales & Operations Associate

Hair Type: Dry, loose curls

Hair Concern: Hydration and frizz

PHYTO Picks: Libby’s haircare routine starts with PHYTOJOBA shampoo twice a week, to cleanse and moisturize without stripping her hair of what it needs to thrive. Another shampoo alternator, she uses the PHYTODETOX Routine once a week (especially after a gym day) to rid her hair of build-up and residue. Once a week, she uses our cult fave, PHYTOPOLLÉINE to soothe her dry scalp. During the week, she likes to mix it up, switching between PHYTOKÉRATINE Extrême Cream and PHYTOJOBA Gel as leave-in treatments. To define and detangle curls, she uses Curl Legend Cream Gel, and to give her curls a little refresh on day two, she uses Curl Legend Energizing Spray. One of her favorite haircare tricks is taking PHYTOPROGENIUM Detangling Milk, wherever she goes, to touch up dry ends throughout the day as needed!


There you have it! Five PHYTO superstars using our botanical formulas all in their own way to keep their hair healthy and beautiful. What’s your PHYTO routine?