If you're not already a hair mask advocate, it may be a bit daunting to determine which to add into your beauty routine. After all, what other product can take dry, dull locks and give them salon-worthy shine in just a matter of minutes? If you’re on a time crunch then the best solution would be to share that time with your hair. Maintaining your hair can be tedious but for those rare few days when you can kick back with some vino and a good face mask, don’t forget to pamper your hair too!

It’s important to give it an additional shot of nourishment once a week to keep it lush and hydrated. Enter: hair masks. We have a wide range of choices for every concern. The best part is that you can change masks easily with time, since your hair concerns are bound to change and evolve. Below, we've highlighted the five top hair struggles and the ingredients that help combat them so you can determine the most effective hair mask for your strands.


Phytojoba Mask is one of our personal favorites for this time of the year. It’s a good addition to your hair care collection for the transitional period of fall to winter. What sets this mask apart is that it works wonders on your scalp as well as your hair.  It relieves any irritation you might have on your scalp and deeply hydrates. If you have dry and thin hair, you can use this mask without weighing down your locks. It's the ideal mask for thin hair.


When the seasons eventually change from fall to frigid winter, Phytoelixir mask is the mask you want to use. It’s designed for ultra-dry coarse hair and contains ingredients that work magic on the most porous hair. Macadamia nut oil helps make your hair radiant and supple. Use this once or twice a week when your hair needs it most. For those of you with medium to coarse hair, this is the mask for you.


The problem with using heat tools during the winter is that the damage it can inflict is more intense than any other time. Your hair is starving for moisture and adding heat to them makes them brittle. We recommend you use Phytokératine Extrême Mask two or three times a week as a treatment for damaged hair. The Sapote butter coats each fiber with rich Omega 6 fatty acids that work deep into your hair and brings back the elasticity to your hair.


One our most unique masks that is designed for aging hair. If you notice that your hair is lacking luster, volume, and strength, then Phytodensia Mask is the mask for you. Hyaluronic acid has been making waves in the beauty industry, and for good reason. It goes to the heart of the problem and makes your hair youthful and plump. The mask gives your hair the body you want without weighing your hair down.


Phytocitrus mask is for all of you who took a risk and played with the pigment of your tresses. This mask keeps your brand new hair color just as bright as when you left the salon. It prevents fading and dryness, keeping the color locked in place while deeply nourishing your hair. This is mask works incredibly well with Phytokératine Extrême Mask. It's the perfect combination to keep your tresses healthy.