We know that change in season is a tough time for all types of hair. Don't worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up a list of some of our favorites for this time of the year. Since the weather fluctuates constantly, you want a selection of products that can keep your hair hydrated and your scalp balanced. The key to ensuring your hair stays healthy and nourished in the coming few months is to start nurturing it now. 


Whatever aspirations you have for your hair can only be met when your scalp is balanced. PHYTOPOLLÉINE SCALP TREATMENT removes all product build-up, purifies and resets your scalp. Use it once a week to deeply cleanse. All you have to do is apply onto the scalp, leave it on for 20 mins, and follow with shampoo. 


As with skin care, it's all about identifying your hair type and choosing a formulation best-suited for your needs. If you've got oily hair, use PHYTOPANAMA SHAMPOO to cleanse and regulate sebum production, while essential oil of juniper berries purifies the scalp for healthy hair.

If your hair is on the other side of the spectrum, i.e. dry, opt for the opposite. Use PHYTOJOBA SHAMPOO for cleansing without stripping the hair's moisture to make your hair more manageable. For damaged hair from heat-styling or color treating, it's best to use PHYTOKÉRATINE EXTRÊME SHAMPOO to repair each strand. If your hair is lacking density, use PHYTODENSIA SHAMPOO to restore fullness and shine to the hair. 


Hair masks might not be as Instagrammable as their facial mask counterparts, but that doesn't make them any less necessary. The right ingredients can nourish fried strands, slick down split ends, and leave parched parts downright quenched.

For those with fine and dry hair, you want to use the PHYTOJOBA MASK to lock moisture. If you have coarse and ultra-dry hair, use PHYTOELIXIR MASK instead, this decadent mask restores nourishment back to each strand. If your concerned about damaged hair in addition to dry hair, PHYTOKÉRATINE EXTRÊME MASK is your guy. What sets it apart is the Sapote butter in the mask. It’s 2x as rich in Omega 6 fatty acids than Shea butter. Apply any of these masks onto towel dried hair, leave it on for 5 mins, and then rinse it off thoroughly. 


After all the hard work you put into keeping your hair healthy and hydrated, you don’t want to set yourself back by damaging it. Apply PHYTOKÉRATINE EXTRÊME CREAM onto your hair before heat-styling to protect the strands, while nourishing them. 

Thicken up your strands and give your hair the fullness you know it deserves with PHYTOVOLUME ACTIF VOLUMIZING SPRAY. This heat-activated spray lifts hair at the roots to create volume and fullness without your hair feeling sticky or stiff. Your hair will still be able to move naturally. 

The final touch for smooth, nourished, shiny hair is PHYTODÉFRISANT BOTANICAL SMOOTHING BALM. After using PHYTOKÉRATINE EXTRÊME CREAM, you still want to give your hair a shot of moisture to last throughout the day. This balm does just that. It’s heat-activated, meaning it’s designed to work best under pressure. Distribute it evenly across your hair by using a wide-tooth comb and then blow dry as you normally would.