Those of us who are born with curly hair typically have to put in a whole lot of effort to maintain it. Curly hair requires more pampering because it tends to naturally be drier and more texturized. It reacts differently to the elements from person to person, but a standard for all types of curly hair is that you must cater to its needs.

Easier said than done, we know. Which is why we’ve created a paint-by-numbers haircare line that is simple enough to follow. There are four steps, each with a game-changing product involved. That might be more than what you already use in your regular shower, but you don’t have regular hair so why have a regular routine? If you follow these steps to a T and take our advice, your newly defined and nourished hair will thank us!

The best part? All of the products below can be used for coiled, curly and wavy hair. 

STEP #1 - Baobab Oil: This one is a jack of all trades. It protects, nourishes, and leaves your hair soft, this oil will improve your hair texture overtime. We recommend using it as a pre-shampoo treatment. Apply to dry or damp hair for 15 mins before showering or apply to dry hair after cleansing to add softness and shine.  

STEP #2 - Phytospecific Curl Hydration Shampoo: All the build up that accumulates onto your hair will be gently removed with this shampoo. It protects your hair and helps prevent any future split ends. Use it as you would any other shampoo. It’s incredibly gentle and cleanses without stripping your hair of its natural oils. So if you're looking for an ultra-hydrating shampoo, this is for you. 


STEP #3 -  Curl Hydration Mask: A hair mask is always a good idea. It’s time well spent. Our Curl Hydration Mask is created for those who want to add luster and elasticity to their curls. Apply it to towel dried hair and leave on for 15 minutes to let the magic happen. It’s packed full of nutrients like Mango Oil, Hibiscus Flower, Horsetail Extract, and Plant Marrow that are sure to give your hair a nourishing lift.


STEP #4 - Curl Legend Spray: We saved the best for last. This spray is a curl spa in a bottle. It will defrizz and hydrate. It will relax your hair, but keep it full and bouncy. We typically use it as the last step but you can use it on dry hair as well. So if your curls ever need a little pick-me-up, this would be your best bet.

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