The Hair Edit: The Haircare Breakdown On All Curls Types

There are many questions regarding curly hair. How often should you wash it? What products should you use, and why? Since there are many different types of curly hair, and each type needs a specific kind of care, we thought we could clear up some of the questions you guys might have.

To make it a little clearer, let's divide hair into three categories: coiled, curly, and wavy.

If you have coiled hair, you know it’s naturally very dry, which is why it’s important not to wash it very often. We recommend washing it once every week and a half, that way you help preserve the natural oils produced by your scalp.

In terms of hair care, you’d want something that cleanses your hair while intensely hydrating it. PHYTO Paris’ Phytojoba shampoo and mask are great for retaining moisture. The shampoo contains a high concentration of mallow and cornflower extracts that softens and rebuilds elasticity, and a unique wood cellulose complex that detangles and restores elasticity, leaving the hair smooth and shiny. The mask is also deeply hydrating and shine-enhancing and weightlessly restores the softness to your hair. It contains angelica root extract and sweet orange oil that detangles, revitalizes, and adds shine.

Our Phytoelixir series is also created to nourish and moisturize ultra-dry hair, and its macadamia oil and narcissus wax ingredients are added specifically to provide long-lasting lipid replenishment, and leave your hair shiny and soft.

If you’re looking for a leave-in oil after washing your hair, our Baobab oil is a great addition to your routine. It safeguards against free radicals and frizz, while making your hair more manageable through intense hydration.

Since you don’t want to wash coiled hair too often, the PHYTO SPECIFIC cleansing care cream is a great substitute for days when your hair and scalp feels dirty. It’s designed to gently and thoroughly cleanse, while deeply moisturizing and conditioning the scalp and hair, all in one step.

There are different types of curly hair but it normally isn’t as dry as coiled hair, however, that doesn’t mean you should wash it every day. Normally, curly hair can be washed about once a week to maintain most of its moisture.

A shampoo that cleanses but still moisturizes is the Phytoelixir Intense Nutrition Shampoo. It’s a lavish, ultra-creamy shampoo designed to envelop the hair in concentrated nourishment and replenish the essential lipids of the hair. Although it’s created to be as weightless as possible, it’s still quite powerful and shouldn’t be used more than once a week. That’s where the Phytojoba shampoo comes in as a great substitute.

As opposed to the Phytoelixir shampoo, the Phytojoba shampoo is a little less intense but still thoroughly cleanses and hydrates your hair to make sure the natural moisture of your hair is retained within the hair strands. It’s also pays attention to your scalp because it restores the scalp’s hydrolipidic film, maintaining and promoting your hair’s natural hydration.

Having wavy hair is completely different from coiled and curly since the diameter of the hair strands are more round, compared to the flatness of coiled hair. Therefore, it should be treated differently.

PHYTO Paris’ Phytokératine Extrême collection is created to repair ultra-dry and damaged hair. The first step, the shampoo, gently cleanses and prepares the hair for the treatment. It contains botanical keratin, which fills in the gaps in the cortex-layer of the hair strands, and baobab oil and sapotte butter, which are extremely rich in omega 6 fatty acids, leaving your hair protected and replenished. The second step, the mask, has a melt-in formula that envelops each hair fiber in nutrition to restore elasticity and strength to the hair. Finally, the cream works to prevent breakage, dryness, and frizz and it also smooths the hair, which makes it easier to style it.

No matter if your have coiled, curly, or wavy hair, our most recent additions to the PHYTO SPECIFIC product family, the Curl Legend collection, consisting of a spray and a gel, can, and should, be used by all types. The gel is ultra-nourishing and protein-rich and enhances your curls instead of weighing them down. The spray hydrates and defines all types of curls and holds their shape, leaving your curls soft and bouncy.

We could go into more detail about the different types of curly hair, but hopefully you got some clarification on what category your hair fits in the best. We’ve studied hair for decades so there’s a reason why the above products are listed for this specific post and we recommend our curly-haired friends to check them out!