As summer winds down, we find that the sun, heat, and humidity have left our hair looking a little tired, dry, and even damaged. One of the easiest ways to rejuvenate worn-out strands is by integrating a  treatment hair oil into your haircare routine. It will restore the natural balance of your locks—moisturizing strands, strengthening hair follicles, and even encouraging hair growth.

Right now, your hair is probably shifting away from its standard texture to a more coarse texture. It’s going to change in tandem to the weather, which means it’s going to get really difficult to deal with soon. When hair gets dry, the ends are the first to suffer. The bottom half of your hair is the last to receive any moisture. When it gets dry, it loses its elasticity and starts to feel like straw. If you're not already a hair oil advocate, this product will change your mind.


PHYTOELIXIR is an oil treatment built for exactly this purpose. It’s the slick fairy godmother your hair needs for the upcoming months. It’s light, smells divine, and washes off easily. All too often, with oil treatments you’re left feeling a little greasy and your hair loses its body because of the weight of the oil. PHYTOELIXIR comes clean off during a shower. Apply it 20 minutes before washing your hair, giving it ample time to go deep into your hair follicles. The vitamin E in the oil gives intense nourishment and that makes this suitable not just for dry hair, but also damaged hair. Two birds, one stone.

Full disclosure, this is extremely potent so we only recommend you use it from middle to the ends of your hair. We don’t recommend using this near your scalp since it’s not designed to be used as a scalp treatment.

The formula is designed as a pre-shower treatment with long lasting effect, so you don’t need to use a leave-in treatment after. Unless you want an extra layer of protection. If used twice a week, your hair will begin to look more lively and healthy. A potent oil treatment is the answer to all the pesky broken and dry ends. It’s a convenient way to decrease the number of products you end up using on your hair on a daily basis. It’s one product, and it covers all bases. This is the spa treatment that you will be gifting your hair twice a week. It’s has the same effect that a facial would for your skin.