Although aging is a natural thing, it’s something that we all think about every now and then and we often feel obligated to follow certain rules to keep our young looks. Since people mainly speak about aging skin, we wanted to clear up a few things about aging hair.

You might have heard that as you get older, your hair becomes finer, thinner, and more brittle. While that’s mostly true, and often inevitable, there are a few things you can think about in regards to your hair, no matter what your age is.

The texture of your hair as you age might feel a little more rough and it’s very likely to become thinner as well. The reason why your strands are finer and thinner as you age is because the hair follicles shrink the older you get, leaving less room for denser hair strands to grow. The oil glands will shrink as well, which is why the hair strands won’t get the same natural coating from the oil, instead they become dry. Last but certainly not least, your hair becomes grey. After a certain age, your hair isn’t able to withhold the pigments inside the scales of the hair strands, leaving it either white or grey.

Believe it or not, hair aging has a lot to do with your scalp. Just like we care for our aging skin, we can’t forget about our aging scalp. There can be internal or external factors that affect your aging process, however, research has shown that women can start seeing grey hairs before their 40’s. While grey hairs are hard to prevent, something many people don’t think about however, is ensuring that the scalp is free from inflammation. Inflammations to the scalp might actually accelerate scalp aging, and therefore also hair aging.

A good tip is to make sure you keep your scalp clean by removing dead skin cells and excess oils because that lets you avoid any inflammation that might occur. 

Here are more tips to prevent aging hair.

REGULAR TRIM                                                                                                                            

Getting a regular trim, every 6 to 8 weeks, keeps hair healthy and growing. 

CHEMICAL TREATMENTS                                                                                                                   

Avoid chemical treatments like bleaching, straightening, and dying. It makes the hair more stiff and dry, causing it to break more often.

AVOID HIGH ALCOHOL STYLERS                                                                                                      

Avoid strong, mega-hold styling products. The high alcohol content makes hair dry and brittle. Instead, replace it with Phytovolume Actif. It's formulated with Beetroot Alcohol, replacing drying forms of chemical alcohol for hold.


 Washing your hair removes natural oils, so try to skip a few days. Use Phytodensia Shampoo to deeply cleanse, while nourishing and plumping each hair strand.                                                 

When it comes to washing, wet hair is extremely fragile – so be gentle with it! Brush your hair before showering, when it’s dry, and keep any combing to a minimum afterwards.

REPLENISH MOISTURE                                                                                                              

Hydration and moisture are incredibly important to maintain during the aging process, using the right products can make a big difference at this stage. Hyaluronic acid is great for retaining moisture, and grape extract and vernonia both contain antioxidants that work against anything that might cause inflammation or damage to the scalp. Use Phytodensia Mask to nourish, pump, and revitalize each strand.

We hope this cleared up a few question marks regarding aging hair and we also want to add that it’s important to understand the reason behind your hair thinning symptoms. Sometimes it’s not aging, your hair just might be dry, or there’s a genetic reason, or perhaps it’s because of the medications you take or an underlying disease. However, no matter what it is, we’d like you to remember that “beautiful hair grows from a healthy scalp!”