We’re focusing on detoxing this month. More so than any other month. We figured that if we’re going to set a whole bunch of new goals and resolutions for ourselves, the best way to achieve them would be to start with a stronger and cleaner foundation.

We’ve introduced you guys to Phytopolléine before. It’s sort of becoming the icon of Phyto. It represents everything we are in the purest form and chicest packaging. It’s a blend of essential oils that are selected for their all-natural nourishing elements. Each glass vial is 0.8oz of concentrated goodness, that was derived from two pounds of plants.

LEMON OIL: A classic for almost every single detox routine out there. Lemon oil is unique because it is both calming and stimulating for the scalp. It has numerous benefits since it is a disinfectant. It’s an astringent, antiseptic, detoxifier, and anti-fungal agent. It reduces greasy scalps as well, which sounds strange since it’s an oil but not all oils work the same way. It helps to circulate the blood vessels within your scalp, so your hair is encouraged to grow longer.  

CORN OIL: It’s often found within food and for good reason. But what you might not have known, is that corn oil is just as good for hair as it is for your body. It’s rich in Omegas 3, 6, and 9. Contains Vitamins E & K and is packed with phytosterols. In a nutshell, this oil is all the moisture your scalp could possibly want. It will hydrate each and every hair follicle on your head. The minute your roots are hydrated, your hair starts to change texture for the better. You’ll have glossier, bouncier, and softer hair. It helps circulate blood flow to your scalp and is a great team player with other essential oils.

ROSEMARY OIL: Rosemary Oil is one of the best essential oils you can apply onto your scalp to stimulate hair growth. Not just in terms of length/strength but it also keeps your hair follicles younger. It keeps your hair and scalp from aging. It’s an excellent treatment for dandruff and a dry scalp.

SAGE OIL: It’s an old remedy for hair loss. Sage Oil has been applied onto scalps for eras to combat baldness and hair loss. It contains beta-sitosterol, a 5-alpha reductase compound which is used in treating male pattern baldness. It wards of dandruff since it’s an astringent and prevents your hair follicles from clogging. Finally, it adds luster to your hair. It’s ability to encourage circulation within your scalp ensures that your scalp is receiving more nutrition.

CYPRESS OIL: It heals wounds and infections. So if your scalp is inflamed or irritated, this is just the oil for you. It has antiseptic properties (camphene) and works externally as well as internally.  Studies have shown that it has the ability to kill harmful bacteria that damage your hair and scalp.  Cypress oil is a diuretic, so it helps flush out toxins for you and removes excess salt and water.

Apply Phytopolléine 20 minutes before shampooing.