We’ve walked you through the benefits of detoxing and scalp care. Our ethos focuses heavily on the benefits of both. Our detox building blocks are Phytopolléine and Phytoneutre. Both of which are unique in their universality. They are a failsafe addition to anyone’s shower routine.

While these are two products we recommend to everyone, those of you looking to customize your detox might need to pick a cleanser that was created for your specific hair and scalp type. The first step to picking a cleanser like this is to get familiar with your hair and scalp. Is your scalp oily or dry? Is it sensitive? Is it prone to dandruff? Studying your scalp and then your hair is how you learn about which cleanser is most suitable for you. Three cleanser we recommend for concern-specific detoxes are:

OILY HAIR - PHYTOPANAMA: This is a daily shampoo that is formulated with Progénium®. This is a patented ingredient that balances an oily scalp. There are many reasons why your scalp might be oily, but an oily scalp equals excess sebum production. This can be due to change in hormonal levels, the season, or even your diet. So you need a cleanser that can moderate your sebum production after you’ve treated your scalp with Phytopolléine. This cleanser consists of Quillaja Bark extract which gently cleanses and regulates sebum production. It gets rid of the excess oil, but leaves you feeling hydrated since it doesn’t strip your scalp of the oils it still needs. We’ve also added essential oil of juniper berries which purifies the scalp. Use this once or twice a week, but it is safe to use every day without drying your hair.

SENSITIVE/IRRITATED SCALP – PHYTOAPAISANT: Perhaps your hair falls somewhere between oily and dry. You would think that should mean you’re at the perfect spot since it’s neither extremes, but your scalp is still irritated and sensitive. If this sounds somewhat familiar, then we recommend Phytopaisant. It’s a curated blend of potent botanicals, that is safe to use on every day, if you think that’s what your scalp needs at the moment. This shampoo contains anti-irritant pursulane extract, combined with decoted linden and passion flower to moisturize and restore the scalp's barrier. It’s a hypoallergenic formula that is reinforced with mallow proanthocyanidins, emollient and anti-free radical properties. It’ll restore your scalps overall comfort and protect it from future irritations.

DRY HAIR - PHYTHÉOL: An unbalanced scalp can lead to dryness and dandruff. In fact, this is more common than you might think. To treat a dry scalp, you need to do more than just hydrate it. You need to get rid of all the buildup that has accumulated and moisturize the roots. This shampoo removes loose dandruff flakes and balances the scalp. Then it gives your skin the hydration it needs, which smooths over the surface. It prevents further flaking and constantly exfoliates, so your scalp doesn’t itch. The Titrated Anti-Recurrence Botanical Complex [Black Pepper + Guyana Wood] and Comfrey Extraaction purify the scalp, working well with the Phytopolléine you applied before.