Is Your Hair Red Carpet-Ready?


It’s award season!! Everyone is getting their glam on, prepping to impress on that walk down the red-carpet and look their best for the paparazzi. Just because you are not standing in front of a step-and-repeat waiting for your interview with E!, does not mean your hair shouldn’t be award-worthy. Right?

PHYTO is fully-committed to celebrating the inherent celebrity of your hair and we have culled our very own “swag bag”, so to speak, containing the ideal products to make onlookers swoon and ask, “OMG, What are you using on your hair??!” How do we know they will work magic on your hair? Because they are our very own bevy of award winners and we couldn’t be any prouder!

Here’s what’s in our camera-ready botanical bag of tricks (that’s right, don’t forget we use the power of plants to make our products, so they are just as safe as they are effective):

PHYTOVOLUME ACTIF – Winner of the 2016 In Style Best Beauty Buys

This heat-activated, root lifter adds volume while keeping your hair silky smooth and soft-to-the-touch. No stickiness, just beautiful hair that moves naturally and looks incredible. 

PHYTOKÉRATINE EXTRÊME CREAM – Winner of the ELLE International Beauty Awards 2017

If you want radiant, healthy hair with no frizz but all the shine, THIS is your product. It’s nourishing, lightweight and provides thermal protection for all the heat you expose your hair to on a regular basis.

PHYTODÈFRISANT – Winner of Allure Best of Beauty

Our heat-activated has been a long-standing cult PHYTO favorite for years! It’s perfect for unruly hair than can use a little taming, but in the gentlest way possible. This is what you should use when you want that perfect sleek and bouncy blowout that looks like you just stepped out of the salon.

PHYTOLOGIST – Winner of People En Español Star Products

This one is a winner because everyone knows that beautiful hair starts from the scalp. If you don’t nourish and treat your scalp, you won’t ever have the same result. Start there with this leading formula to tackle all of the stresses your hair faces – fatigue, illness, pregnancy, genetics, etc. Your scalp will thank you will luxurious, healthy hair and the difference will be noticeable!

BAOBAB OIL – Winner of Naturally Curly Editor's Choice 2018: The Curl Leaders

This oil screams luxury and provides your scalp everything it needs to support regeneration through intense hydration. Protect your hair from radicals while improving manageability and elasticity.

PHYTODENSIA SERUM – Winner of Marie Claire Prix D'Excellence De La Beauté 2017

This serum literally changes your hair the next day following use. It energizes your hair and fortifies your scalp creating youthful, resilient hair. You will add strength and shine with just a little pump from this gorgeous bottle. The smell is pretty fantastic too!

These award winners know what it takes to stand out. Which is why they are the best products to whip your hair into red carpet shape in no time! Trust us, with these natural, botanical helpers in your corner, your hair will or sure get that standing O!