Treat Yo’ Self and Your Hair


Self-care is one of the biggest buzzwords lately. We talk about the importance of taking time out for yourself – physically and mentally. Maybe it’s a girls’ trip. Maybe it’s a spa day. Perhaps it’s just doing nothing but binge-watching Bravo and taking a break from real life. Regardless of what you choose, you need to include your hair in the mix.

It’s time you treat your hair. Show it some love and appreciation. Drench it in PHYTO. Our natural line of products all boast the best botanicals out there (we know because we source everything ourselves). We know it can be overwhelming sometimes to walk into a beauty supply store and have what feels like a million bottles staring back at you. So, we took the liberty of shortlisting some of our most popular treatments, so you can get right to spoiling your beautiful locks.


While the products you put on your hair are super important, so is what you put in your body. Just as you would take dietary supplements for a variety of health benefits, your hair (and nails and skin) can also benefit. We created PHYTOPHANÈRE, a natural formula packed with  essential fatty acids and an antioxidant blend all to promote thicker healthier hair, stronger nails and glowing skin. It’s a no brainer and an easy way to show your hair some TLC from the inside out.


Age, stress and about a million other things affect your hair. And the effects don’t discriminate – men and women everywhere experience aging, thinning hair. It’s exactly why our PHTYOLOGIST products are such a popular seller. It’s 99% botanical and addresses thinning hair by promoting the ideal environment to grow healthy, thicker hair. Use our PHYTOLOGIST shampoo to complement the serum for ultimate results and you’ll be ogling your own hair in the mirror before you know it!


Our PHYTOCYANE serum and shampoo are the perfect one-two punch to give your hair exactly what it needs to thrive after experiencing stress and damage linked to stress, fatigue, diet and even pregnancy (because they ALL do a number on your scalp and hair). The revitalizing line infuses luster back into your hair and brings it back to life. You’ll see new growth while your natural keratin production is kicked up a notch and might even notice a delay in grays!


If you suffer from chronic and severe thinning hair, you need PHYTOLIUM shampoo and serum immediately if not sooner. Our 100% hormone and drug-free formula features patented ingredients to combat thinning hair. The powerful and effective scalp treatment restores your hair’s normal life cycle. You don’t have to just accept thin, brittle hair. You can nurture it with PHYTOLIUM and experience healthier, thicker hair.

Regardless of your haircare routine and needs, there’s always room to treat your hair to the best of the best. Don’t leave it out when you decide to indulge in a little self-care. Take the time to show your hair some much needed love and gratitude and it will thank you!