Six Tips To Achieve Effortless Beach Waves


Almost every woman, regardless of hair color or texture, has tried to get that highly sought-after beachy wave. You know the look. It’s appears almost effortless and can easily transition from lunch with the girls to a hot date night. Ladies watch YouTube tutorials and fill their cabinets with products promising to produce those loose, sexy waves. And guess what? Just because summer is ending, doesn’t mean you have to wave goodbye to those beachy waves!

At PHYTO, we don’t mind doing the heavy lifting. We make it our mission, not only to create botanical products that deliver gorgeous hair; but also, products that are versatile enough to help you stay on trend with any hair style you want to achieve.

 We know what you’re thinking…it won’t work on my hair. I’ve tried everything under the sun and it’s just not possible. But you are wrong! Trust us. You can totally do this.

 We have six simple tips to help you get those beautiful bouncy waves, including the natural, plant-based PHYTO products that will get you there. So, grab your flat iron, curling iron or wand and get ready to beach that hair up.


Section off your hair to keep the process manageable and to make sure you get every last piece. Just clip all of it on top of your head and take it down as you are ready for each section. It will make the whole process easier.


Protect your hair from heat damage with PHYTOKÉRATINE EXTRÊME CREAM. The nourishing formula gives you the shine and smoothness you want. It’s a good measure to always spray something on your hair to provide strong thermal protection from all of the styling tools you use on a regular basis. You get one head of hair so protect it fiercely!

3)  Boost your natural volume

We all have it in there somewhere. You just need the right product to lure it out. And nothing goes better with beachy waves than some extra volume – they are a perfect match like macaroni and cheese. PHYTOVOLUME Actif Spray will give you that crave-able volume with a heat-activated formula that lifts from the root and leaves your hair touch-ably soft.

4)  Twist it up!

To get that ultimate beachy look, try twisting sections of your hair before you hit them with the iron. This is a super easy technique that gives you that naturally tousled look since you don’t want those more defined curls. It’s foolproof! And whether you twist or curl, do it away from your face since it will look more natural.

5)  Stay away from the root

When you are trying to get that sexy wave action, don’t start from the root. Leave a couple inches and start lower. The higher up you start, the tighter and more defined your curls will be (and the more you may end up looking like a poodle with a perm).

6)  Tame the frizz

Nothing kills your hair vibe like frizz, so handle that! PHYTO 7 and PHYTO 9 are the perfect accomplices to tame frizz and static while leaving your hair feeling soft and lightweight. Both formulas condition and hydrate your hair and help with split ends.

You’ve got this. Just stick to our tips, grab your PHYTO products and you are on your way to the beachiest of beach waves whenever you want them.