INFLUENCER TAKEOVER: Top 3 Products For The Perfect Wash And Go

Hey everyone! My name is Melody from and I am more than excited to share with you guys my top 3 products from PHYTO for the perfect wash and go!

I’ve been using their products for almost 6 months and I’ve been a fan of them since the moment I started using their products. I love how lightweight but defined my curls looks every-time I use their PHYTO Specific Curl Legend Collection! Today I’ll be sharing with you guys my top 3 favorite products & why I love them - stay tuned!

When it comes to having the “perfect” wash and go, you need a great deep conditioner. I use the PHYTOELIXIR Intense Nutrition Mask in the shower for 15-20 minutes for that extra conditioning. If you have frizzy hair, you must deep condition your hair at least once a week. This is crucial for me because the way my curls look afterwards reflects on how much I deep conditioned that week so never skip it!

Now, how often do you treat your scalp? I hear some of you saying “Never” haha and it is okay. When people ask me “How does you grow your hair so fast?” I always tell them; “I always treat and take care of my scalp”. I use one of PHYTO’s cult products: PHYTOPOLLÉINE Botanical Scalp Treatment. This is for all hair types and it will help your hair grow, purifies and balances scalp & it energize and fortify sensitive, weak and anemic hair. You can add this in your deep conditioner or straight to your scalp but never neglect it!

Last but not least, my favorite product in the PHYTO Specific Collection - the Curl Legend Cream-Gel. This product is so hydrating and it can be used by itself. I will make sure to show you my curls after using this product! A total must if you have dry, frizzy and damaged curls.

I hope I solved some of your curl problems and I am looking forward to read in the comments what you guys think about these products!

Have a great hair day,