Labor of Love, For Your Hair


When PHYTO does a sale on our hair care products, we REALLY do a sale. You know what they say – go big or go home. So, this Labor Day, we are going big with our online savings. How big exactly? How does 30 percent off sound? The best part is that there are no conditions. It’s true! We are offering 30 percent off of any and all products.

If you’re not quite sure where to start, try some of our cult favorites. People are obsessed with them for a reason! Here’s some inspiration to get that online shopping cart going.


Tap the power of pure plant extracts (seven of them to be precise, hence the name) with this weightless leave-in that will leave your hair touch-ably smooth and soft. Not only will you fight that frizz, but you’ll also prevent split ends and see shinier hair before you know it.


We all know that healthy hair starts with the scalp (but if you didn’t, now you do!). Take advantage of this treatment to give your scalp everything it needs to grow healthy, beautiful hair, naturally. Powerful essential oils help nourish and balance the scalp while stimulating microcirculation and energizing your hair.


People LOVE this one because it helps promote healthy hair from the inside. Two capsules a day will get you fuller hair and stronger nails (bonus!). Plus, you will notice a difference in your skin as well. This natural supplement will do your body good and your hair will show it!


Looking for a botanical smoothing balm to help tame unruly hair? Ours will do that and then some! The heat-activated formula will give you that sleek blowout you’ve always wanted. It will also protect from heat while it hydrates your hair to maintain its optimal health.


 Our newest innovation is well on its way to joining the ever-growing list of PHYTO cult favorites. The recently launched, anti-grey treatments is also discounted for this amazing sale. We can hardly believe it ourselves. It’s time to say goodbye to your greys with our new product that actually delays the aging process of your hair, reverses it and promotes growth of your natural pigment. It’s basically magic and right now you can get it for 30 percent off.

Whatever you choose to put in your cart, you will have peace of mind that you are treating your hair right. PHYTO is all about saving you money and saving your hair from yucky chemicals that are in so many haircare products. Go ahead and indulge in the power of botanicals. Your wallet and your hair will thank you!

Have a safe and happy Labor Day!