Stylists' Favorites: Styling Products

People often ask what PHYTO products are most loved by stylists. And we get it! They are the ones in the trenches everyday taking care of all types of hair. They’ve seen it all – long, short, thick, thin, wavy, straight, tame and unruly. We rely on these haircare gurus to guide us toward the best products to give us healthy, gorgeous hair.

Well, we are totally with you! We also wanted to know what PHYTO styling products they swear by, so we asked! We dipped into our pool of hair care experts and asked what they like and why. After hearing from industry innovators like Anthony Cristiano, Janet St. Paul and Mark Garrison, we created a shortlist of the PHYTO products they stand by. Consider it a stylist approved shopping list, if you will!


Why do they love it?

Anthony Cristiano: This leave-in color protecting mist “will aid in prolonging the richness and shine in your hair.”

Janet St. Paul: The perfect mist for everyday color fading, she loves, “reminding clients we generally use sunscreen for our face every day, why wouldn’t we protect our hair color the same way. The lightweight protection is incredible for any hair type & texture. I like to use on the towel dried hair to give a lightweight to tangle and style with it in the hair.”

Mark Garrison: Feels this genius product for colored hair, “not only locks in moisture, but it's also great for dry styling, helping the hair to stay in place while protecting the color.”




Why do they love it?

Anthony Cristiano: Loves to use it as a base blend with other PHYTO styling aids and says, “This lightweight day cream that will bring optimal moisture and will nourish your hair.”

Janet St. Paul: Not a fan of silicone-based polishers, she calls this a “Tried & true perfect polisher!”

Mark Garrison: Working only a pea-sized amount trough the hair to minimize static from blowdrying, he “really adores this as it holds the shape of any blowout in place.”






Why do they love it?

Anthony Cristiano: Says, “This glossing finishing serum is formulated to smooth curls and tame frizz in the hair. Great for those fly-aways when blowing your straight.”

Janet St. Paul: Calling this her “go-to” for coarse hair, she often uses it on wet hair as a “cocktail it on top of PHYTODÉFRISANT”

Mark Garrison: He also loves this one and mixes it with PHYTODÉFRISANT to set and smooth after a blow-dry. He says, “This is guaranteed to make a blowout, humidity and weatherproof.”





Why do they love it?

Anthony Cristiano: This volumizing spray that can be used on wet or dry hair is “an amazing root amplifier that will assist in maximizing support and hold to any styles.”

Janet St. Paul: This lightweight, volumizing styling spray “allows complete styling versatility without weighing down the hair.”

Mark Garrison: He prefers to use after blowouts to lift from the roots and says, “It's also light enough to use on dry hair when you need to add a little oomph to a hairstyle.”







Why do they love it?

Anthony Cristiano: He uses this leave-in repair cream to “aid in nutrition and protection to hair that has been compromised by color and heat styling.”

Janet St. Paul: She loves this as a go-to for sensitive, over processed, or weak hair. “I love PHYTOKÉRATINE CREAM on both wet and dry hair. It’s incredible for repair.”

Mark Garrison: He’s a fan of this for unruly, dry and damaged hair. “I use this mixed with PHYTODÉFRISANT or the PHYTO Specific Curl Legend line to ultra-hydrate natural or curly hair.”






Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 11.03.39 AM.png


Why do they love it?

Anthony Cristiano: Great for all hair types, he uses it to “add support, body and increase volume to your styles, leaving your hair feeling soft and giving fullness and bounce.”

Janet St. Paul: She thinks this is perfect to, “layer with many other Phyto products. The memory of a blowout is incredible and it’s  a great base for an up-do when layered with volume actif.”

Mark Garrison: This is his go-to when he wants to achieve really strong body throughout the style. “I work this through the hair and proceed with my blowout, with a roller brush or curling iron. This mousse gives any hair maximum volume and hold.”


That’s what our stylists have to say! We’d also love to know what you love. What are your PHYTO faves??