Five Things To Help Prevent Hair Loss

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Let’s talk about hair loss.

We know all of the issues that affect your hair on a regular basis. Between the elements, age, stress and so many other things, your hair has a lot on its plate. Now add hair loss to the equation. And here’s the thing about hair loss, it does not discriminate. Men and women across a wide spectrum of demographics and age ranges all have to grapple with it.

At PHYTO, aging and thinning hair and hair loss are always on our radar. We are constantly working in our labs in Paris to create natural treatments using the finest botanicals to help achieve hair goals for everyone who uses our products.

So, we thought what better way to contribute to the conversation during Hair Loss Awareness month than with some tips on how to prevent and combat hair loss.

Avoid excess heat.

Heat does a number on your hair. Try and limit your use of hair dryers, flat irons, curling wands and other tools that expose your hair to high temperatures. And when you do use them, be sure to shield your hair with thermal protectant like, PHYTOKÉRATINE Spray.

Steer clear of harsh chemicals.

Read the ingredients on everything from your hair color to the products in your cabinets (except PHYTO of course. You know using things derived from nature is our jam). And if you do color your hair, try and use organic and natural hair pigments.

Keep it loose.

When tossing your hair up in that pony or braids go easy on those locks. Don’t pull it so tight that it tugs at your hair line. That causes more stress on your hair than you realize.

Massage that scalp.

The same way you like to sprawl out and enjoy that much needed massage at the spa, so does your scalp. Show it some love by massaging it regularly. In the shower, before bed, even at a red light. Whatever works. If you want to go the extra mile, try detoxing your scalp with our PHYTOPOLLÉINE scalp treatment.

Use products that promote hair growth.

We obviously have a lot to say about this one (here comes shameless product plugs but we promise it’s worth it).

PHYTOCYANE is just the line to inspire healthy hair growth, encourage keratin production, stimulate the scalp and add more luster. Use the Revitalizing Treatment Serum and Densifying Treatment shampoo for that one-two punch to really kick that hair growth into high gear. It’s like the dynamic duo of fighting hair loss.

PHYTOLIUM 4 Treatment is a powerful scalp treatment to address chronic thinning hair, all without drugs or hormones. Pair it with PHYTOLIUM Shampoo which is not only an alternative for those with androgenetic alopecia, but it also stimulates and fortifies the scalp adding strength and vitality to your hair.

PHYTOLOGIST Treatment is a lightweight leave-in that protects the follicle, treats the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth for stronger, denser-looking, shiner hair. 99% botanical, this formula is for those who take hair thinning really, really seriously.

One more thing. All year long you probably take vitamins and supplements for a whole bevy of health benefits. So, you should be doing the same for your hair. PHYTOPHANÈRE, our French nutritional supplement, visibly improves the quality of your hair, strengthens nails and gives your skin that special glow. Take 2 caps a day, it is easy to swallow and only 2 calories per cap!

Don’t just succumb to hair loss, take advantage of the PHYTO products created specifically to address it! Let’s tackle hair loss together.