Relax, It’s Botanical


At PHYTO we are always up to celebrate a holiday. So ,when we heard that this week was National Relaxation Day, we jumped on it. Is there even a better way to pay homage to our line of natural relaxer treatments??

In the spirit of relaxing, kick back, grab your coffee, tea or green juice and let us tell you all about our PHYTO Specific Relaxers. They are some of our best sellers for a reason!One of the biggest challenges our clients are constantly trying to solve is how to tame even the coarsest most stubborn hair. We get it and we are on it.

Relaxers have a tough job ahead of them and have historically been filled with all kinds of icky chemicals to tame those tresses. At PHYTO we prefer our haircare without those chemicals so guess what we did?

Spoiler alert: It has to do with botanicals

You guessed it! We have created PHYTO Specific relaxers packed with natural botanicals instead of crazy chemicals. Even better, they work to get that hair behaving just the way you want it.

PHYTORELAXER Index 1 Straightener is for delicate and fine hair with minimal curl reduction.

PHYTORELAXER Index 2 Straightener is for normal to thick hair and works hard to reduce curls.

Two formulas, both meeting relaxing needs, but naturally. No lye, no hydroxide. So, you can relax for real on August 15th and ring in National Relaxation Day knowing that you are using gentle products to promote healthy, beautiful hair. Instead of a ton of chemicals you can’t pronounce, we rely on the power of 100% natural products like egg and soy. PHYTO Specific Relaxers work the same magic as other relaxers but you can rest assured there is nothing in them that can compromise your hair or health.

We know consumers everywhere are becoming more vigilant about the products they use, and we are right there with you. We scrutinize every single thing that goes into our formulas because our company was built on doing things naturally and we take that legacy seriously.

It’s time for you to feel safe about your haircare products and not feel pressured to use things loaded with chemicals because you think they’ll be more effective. With PHYTO,  gorgeous, healthy hair as a result of safe products made from things you find in nature, is within your reach right now. Who says you can’t have it all?