Like a Time Machine For Your Hair


Your hair has its very own life cycle. It goes through changes just like your body year after year. It’s affected by weather, stress, hormones and about a million other things. For many, it also goes grey. Some experience it earlier than others and some get a few strands while others get a headful. Whatever the situation, the most common solution has been to use color in some manner to cover those greys. Two thirds of women color their hair. See? You are not alone.

But at PHYTO we do not back down from a challenge, so we created a treatment from scratch, using the botanicals you have come to trust, and it’s called RE30. It doesn’t just cover the greys , it reverses the process completely while also leaving your hair stronger and suppler than before.

You’ve seen our previous posts dropping some hints about RE30, but we’re done being all secretive because it’s finally available for YOU and we want to shout it from the rooftops. Can you blame us for being so excited? This is a major breakthrough in the haircare industry. Like SUPER major. RE30 is the first ever treatment created to delay and reverse the greying process. If that’s not enough to blow your mind, maybe stats based on six years of research working closely with French public research institutes and a Parisian hospital specializing in skin and hair are your thing, and we have those too!

Our clinical studies showed 77% less grey hair in just three months of use. How is that possible? Our patented RE30 formula promotes repigmentation at the root. We saw a 39% boost in melanin which boosts pigmentation; and 30% less hydrogen peroxide, actually protecting your hair against depigmentation. Plus, while reversing the greying process, the botanicals packed in the treatment also promote healthy gorgeous hair. While the Peptide RE30 innovation tackles your greys, the purple tulip extract takes care of the beautification. That’s just PHYTO being PHYTO.

It may sound like a crazy claim. We get it. But the truth is that we have poured blood, sweat, tears and years of research to perfect a formula that literally takes your hair back in time. So, when we throw around words like innovative and groundbreaking and revolutionary, it’s not just fluff. RE30 is that good. So good in fact, that it is going to be featured in Elle Magazine this fall.

Just eight sprays (that smell heavenly by the way) once a day and you are on your way to reversing the greying process. No more applying mascara in the parking lot because you didn’t have time to visit your colorist. No more straggly, stubborn greys. It’s time to take back the control and go anti-grey, naturally.