You Get What You Give


Beautiful, healthy hair is our business.

Every single day, we work tirelessly to create formulas and products that will nurture your hair. We are conscious about every last ingredient that makes its way into the bottle that will soon be in your hands and then in your hair. Making haircare products inspired by natural botanicals is all we know because it’s the way we have done things at PHYTO since our inception.

But that’s not the only thing we believe in so strongly. At PHYTO, we are all about giving back – to our communities, our environment and our planet. Our roots are always top of mind. We are after all a family-owned company focused on natural haircare treatments and regimens using locally sourced ingredients in our own labs in Paris.  It’s like our own little haircare ecosystem.

That mindset is woven into our company culture and we are always looking for new and innovative ways to continue to give back. This is precisely why we chose to get involved with 1% For the Planet, an environmentally conscious non-profit dedicated to keeping our planet healthy. We are constantly bombarded with so much noise in the beauty market with brands touting their stance on natural ingredients. Many claim to be vegan, organic, natural and all of the things socially conscious consumers want to hear. But at PHYTO, we want to do more than just make products that are safe and natural.

We are taking things from nature to bring you the products you have trusted for decades, so we wanted to go the extra mile. By partnering with the 1% For The Planet initiative, we are able to do just that! One percent of our net sales of the Phytomillesime Collection go to plant trees all over the United States. It’s an environmentally friendly way to give back to the planet that gives us so much to make our botanical-based haircare formulas a reality. Plus, it’s just good karma!

We have major respect for your scalp, your hair and the planet. While we love our products, they are not the only thing what drives us. It’s our history, our brand identity, and of course you! Giving back is who we are and the reason why 1% For the Planet is a natural fit for PHYTO. Plus, they don’t just work with companies like us, anyone can get involved. If you want to do your part to give back to our planet they make it super easy to contribute 1% of your earnings to make it happen.

PHYTO is honored to be your haircare choice and we would be extra honored if you checked out 1% For the Planet to see how you can help give back. We are all in this together.