Grey, Grey, Go Away!!

For all the times you spot one of those grey hairs and think, this can’t be happening…

For all the times you sit in your car in the carpool line waiting for your kids while pulling greys out with a tweezer from your makeup bag…

For all the times your colorist finds even more grey that needs to be covered up…

For all the times you wished your greys would just stop turning grey…

For all those times, THIS is the haircare moment you’ve been waiting for.

PHYTO is gearing up to introduce a new formula and it is a BIG DEAL. A total game-changer, actually.

It’s called RE30 and it addresses those greys, head on (pun intended). No color, no gimmicks. No kidding. 98% botanical.

The same natural botanicals you have come to trust from PHYTO are now available in a revolutionary formula designed to delay and even reverse the growth of grey hair. It’s pretty much like the fountain of youth for your hair.

It's easily our biggest innovation in the last decade because not only does it help with those stubborn greys, but it also helps your hair grow back in its natural color. Brunettes, Blondes, Red Heads – we’re talking to you!! All of you. We’re not just into making lofty claims. We back it up with some solid stats. For example, in our early rounds of testing, 77% of our participants who tried RE30 for three months saw less greys. 83% said their hair looks less grey. Who doesn’t want that?

It’s an innovation we just can’t keep to ourselves a minute longer. We know that until now, the only option for tackling those greys has been hair color treatments, which can be time consuming, expensive and can also take a toll on your hair. Think of all the time you’ll get back in your life that was typically spent in that salon chair! You can take up a new hobby or read that book you’ve been dying to get into. You can do more yoga, learn how to make sushi or take the kids to a movie (or go alone if you need some solo time).  Or, you can just stare in the mirror and marvel at the reverse aging process taking place with your gorgeous hair. No more color, no more touch ups. Just your own hair growing back in a color other than grey. How spectacular does that sound??

Just picture it. You’ll use PHYTO’S RE30 and within a matter of months you’ll pass your bathroom mirror, do a double take a say, “New Hair, Who Dis?”

At PHYTO, we are not afraid of a challenge. And when it comes to haircare, greys are one of the challenges sending everyone on a quest for a solution. So, we created one and it will be available soon to naturally and safely take away the grey!

Make sure to visit and your nearest Bluemercury store. The revolution is waiting for you!

Go away grey, nobody wants you here!