Your (Hair's) Age Is Showing

What do you think would happen to your skin if you just stopped caring? If you stopped with the serums and creams and everything in your arsenal of awesome skincare products? How would your skin fare if your routine and products were lackluster?

We’ll tell you exactly what would happen…your skin would suffer because lackluster begets lackluster. Which is exactly why skincare routines are a BIG deal. Haircare is no different.


So many women pull out all the stops to fight the signs of aging. They hydrate, moisturize, firm, brighten and do everything possible to maintain that fresh-faced glow.

Well, now we are in the midst of a revolution stemming from skincare. Let’s not forget that your scalp is an extension of your skin. People are finally understanding the importance of showing your hair the same love and adoration. 


And at PHYTO we say…. HAIRLELUJAH!!!!


Your hair shows signs of aging the same way your skin does. Color fades, shine dulls, it thins and becomes brittle and changes right along with your body each and every year of your life. For so long, many just accepted it. But not anymore! People are savvier and demand more for their hair. Make no mistake - haircare is the new skincare. 


Shampoo alone simply won’t cut it. Beauty is an all-encompassing mindset and you can’t just pick one area to treat and one product to treat it. Treat them all! Your hair deserves it. YOU deserve it!


PHYTODENSIA is a fan favorite for a reason. It’s the holy grail of products for aging hair because it treats from the source (that’s your scalp) with only the finest and most natural botanicals. We know because we make it ourselves and Marie-Claire awarded the entire collection last year.


We like to think of it as our own little plumping trifecta:



With a gentle, light lather this shampoo leaves nothing behind except anti-aging active ingredients to revitalize and fortify the scalp and hair. What you get is soft, luscious hair packed with newfound volume.



Restructuring ingredients infuse the hair to maximize body and volume after just five minutes! That’s less time it will take you to complain to a friend on the phone about your bad hair day!



This is the elixir of the hair gods. It energizes, revitalizes and add years back to the life of your hair with just a few drops. You can thank the Hyaluronic Acid and Acacia collagen for that.


While they work beautifully on their own to bring vitality and youth back to your hair, you should see what they can do as a team! We carefully craft these formulas to piggyback off each other to give you the best results, naturally. It’s why so many of our haircare treatments are part of collections instead of just being standalone products. “Haircare regimen” isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a movement. A movement toward healthy hydrated hair bursting with shine, gorgeous color and life.


Be good to your hair. Love it, nurture it and PHYTO-lize it. You won’t be sorry.