Celebrate your Hairdependence!

We just celebrated Independence day in the US and Bastille Day in France is up next! So, our wheels began spinning of course, because PHYTO is all about your Hairdependence. Your hair is unequivocally yours and that’s why we believe in celebrating its individuality. We craft all of our haircare formulas from only the most natural botanicals to feed your locks exactly what they need to flourish.

We also recognize that every head of hair is unique, as are the haircare routines around them. This has never been truer than when you compare beauty rituals among American and French women.

Two different perspectives and mindsets but both with the same end goal. 

     1.   American woman are oozing sophistication. They are savvy shoppers and who spend a great deal of time on their beauty routines and are not easily scared off by the prices attached to premium products. Their medicine cabinets and vanities could easily serve as a small beauty supply pop-up with the amount of beauty and wellness products they have amassed. Once American women commit to something in their beauty regimen – whether it’s clean eating or clean hair products, they REALLY commit. And the American commitment to botanicals is growing at a rapid pace. Rarely do they deviate from these tried and true processes that will inevitably result in beautiful healthy hair, skin, nails and whatever else they are catering to. The end game is to have gorgeous healthy hair that will turn heads and beg the question, “What are you using on your hair?!?! I need to buy it immediately!” Usually followed by them whipping out their smartphone and adding a bevy of haircare products (probably from PHYTO) to their online shopping cart.


     2.   French women use botanicals like it’s their job, but they don’t really know any different because it’s been part of their beauty and hair routines before it became a trend. PHYTO has been a trusted brand for French women since 1965 because culturally, there has always been a heightened awareness over what was actually in the bottles of the products they were putting in and on their bodies. They also have the added benefit of their beauty product shopping being done in pharmacies where the staff is filled with knowledge and expertise about beauty products. They help customers navigate the aisles with the same level of expertise they would help someone pinpoint the right medication for an ailment. 


 Here's where American and French women see eye-to-eye – They want the BEST products possible with clean and effective ingredients. They pour so much energy, time and love into their beauty routines because they believe in taking care of themselves, and that extends to their locks. Short, long, straight or curly, all of these women celebrate their hair regularly and it shows! It’s evident in how they shop. It’s clear in how they scrutinize the labels. They indulge in PHYTO’S line of natural products that are all packed with the power of botanicals. Because what you use in your hair doesn’t stay in your hair, it trickles down onto your skin, so it’s important to take notice and ensure that anything touching your body is worthy.

Two different cultures that at the end of the day can pull inspiration from one another. Because regardless of where you live, what language you speak and where you get your PHYTO fix, women everywhere can come together to celebrate Hairdependence.