Give Your Scalp a Spa Day

Skincare routines are sweeping the world. Pretty much everybody has one – whether it be 1 step or 10. There are serums and moisturizers and masks and supplements; and everyone has their favorites. We love the surge in popularity of skincare regimens because guess what?


Your scalp is an extension of your skin!


That’s right! It’s time to spoil that scalp give it some much needed and deserved attention. PHYTO is not just about hair health. We are ALL about the scalp. We actually consider ourselves scalp aficionados because we know that beautiful, healthy hair grows from a healthy scalp.


Question. Would you neglect washing your face to rid it of impurities and makeup? Would you sleep in your makeup? Would you use mediocre products? The answer is “nope” all day. 


Ladies, take a minute to think about all of the challenges your hair endures – from aging to everyday stress to pregnancy. It’s a lot and if you don’t address it, your scalp will pay a hefty price. And make no mistake, no two scalps are the same. They all need something different depending on your hair goals. Is it detox? Shine? Volume? All of the above? Because we consider scalp health a top priority, we have products to address all of these issues and then some.


The best place to start is with some good old-fashioned detox. From there it’s all about showering that scalp with love and luxe products that make it feel good all over. PHYTO has the holy grail of scalp treatments. It’s a tightknit pack of scalp lovers that also happen to be packed with botanicals to naturally treat your scalp. It’s like your very own scalpalooza and they just announced the set list:


Boasting 100% essential oils, PHYTOPOLLÉINE helps balance your scalp and address thinning hair. It’s the perfect combo of exfoliation and stimulation to give your hair a boost from the root. Consider this the foundation of your new haircare regimen. It’s basically like sending your scalp to the spa. It will emerge refreshed and reenergized just like you after a spa day filled with indulgent facials and massages.

Second Act: PHYTOCYANE Duo

Just like any good skincare routine includes a good serum, so does maintaining a healthy scalp. PHYTOCYANE treatment is loved most by women dealing with fine, thinning or brittle hair (thanks a lot hormones!). It’s like clean eating for the scalp and helps kick new growth into high gear while enhancing keratin production. The result? Thicker, fuller, shinier hair that begins to fight signs of aging instead of waving the white flag. Pair this treatment with PHYTOCYANE shampoo and you are NOT messing around.

Final Act: The PHYTODENSIA Trifecta

Plump it up with PHYTODENSIA Plumping shampoo, Fluid Plumping Mask and the stand out of this trio – Plumping Serum. This combination works together tirelessly to bring your hair back to life, naturally and gently. You’ll see newfound volume, Instagram worthy shine and downright voluptuous hair.

All of our formulas keep your scalp a top priority because it is. They are all inspired by skincare ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, collagen and antioxidant polyphenols. If you want gorgeous hair that is living its best life, you need to treat it at the source. So, go ahead, get your scalpaloozagoing and turn back time to when your hair was thicker, fuller, healthier.