What's SUPP With Your Hair?

It’s time to put the same energy into our hair as we do our bodies. It deserves the same level of care we show with what we eat and even what dietary supplements we take.

Want to build muscle? There’s a SUPP for that.

Want to boost your immunity? There’s a SUPP for that.

Want to increase energy? Sleep better? Prevent the common cold? SUPP, SUPP, SUPP.

And if you want luxurious hair and strong healthy nails? PHYTO has the SUPP for that.

     It makes perfect sense, actually. PHYTO knows all things hair. With a company rooted in history; and heritage steeped in natural products, we take the health of your hair seriously. We also believe it’s true when they say, it’s on the inside what counts, especially when it comes to your hair. It’s the reason we created PHYTOPHANÈRE.

     Whether you have fine or thinning hair or brittle nails, our #1 best seller will work wonders. Two caps a day over a few months will result in thicker hair and everyone around you saying things like, “OMG, your hair! It’s so shiny!”

     Within 2 weeks you will see a difference. And not just in your hair! Your nails will be stronger, and your skin will have that glow. We don’t want to brag, but you may even see longer lashes. PHYTOPHANÈRE is THAT good. What’s more? Each capsule is only 2 calories and is super easy to swallow. You’re welcome! 

     Dietary supplements are everywhere but they are not all created equal. At PHYTO we are dedicated to creating products that are natural and effective. Products that you can feel comfortable using knowing that they are plant-based and trusted by consumers and stylists alike. We do all of the haircare heavy lifting so that you can achieve that hair flip and “wow” factor everybody wants.

     Stronger hair comes from the inside. It comes from treating your body right and taking care of your scalp. Like most things in life, you get what you give. So, give your hair PHYTO love, starting from the inside. Give your body a botanical supplement to help your hair and nails live their best lives. Give your body PHYTOPHANÈRE then sit back and witness the transformation. It will not disappoint, and neither will your hair flip.

PHYTO knows what’s SUPP.