Summer Hair, DO care!


Let’s talk about summer beauty rituals. Open a magazine, scroll through online articles and there are endless tips and tricks about staying hydrated, nourishing your skin and being heavy handed with the SPF. We get one body and we need to take care of it. You know the drill.

But for many, the summer self-care begins and ends with the skin. 


The same way you show that skin some much needed love in the summer, there’s something else that needs and deserves the same attention – Your hair! You know that expression, beauty is only skin deep? That’s fake news because it goes far beyond the skin. How can beautiful hair grow from a neglected scalp?

The summer temps and pool water can wreak havoc on your hair and scalp. It’s time to take the same vigilance that prompts you to lather up with sunscreen and extend it up north…and take PHYTO with you.

This is a job for a superhero. One that focuses on the well-being and health of your gorgeous locks and we have the perfect lineup, each equipped with their own superpower through super hair care. 

Meet your PHYTO SuperHAIRos.


Superpower: Shield from Sun

The first ever water-resistant  hair sunscreen, L'Original Protective Sun Oil, takes you from beachy waves to slicked-back ponytail, with a formula that protects your hair from all of those summery elements. It has the trifecta of UV protection, hydration and color protection. The shine is so dazzling, it will give the sun a run for its money.


Superpower: Protects Scalp.

Your scalp is integral to hair growth and health. It should be coddled and celebrated. This magic formula will strike just the right balance, stimulate your scalp and infuse energy into your hair from the root.


Superpower: Fights Frizz.

It’s literally the holy grail of keeping your hair smooth and shiny. A little goes a long way to take you from frizziness to flawless


Superpower: Transforms Tresses.

These intense (in the best way possible) products will change the fate of your hair. Say bye-bye to ultra-dry and hello to stunning, vibrant hair. It’s the elixir of the hair gods.


Superpower: Prevents Breakage.

You know what happens to dry and damaged hair in the summer heat? Nothing good. This collection will throw your processed, dry and tired hair a much-needed life preserver. Gently cleanse, repair and nourish your stressed-out hair. Make hair luxurious again.


Superpower: Protects Color.

Don’t let your hair color take a beating this summer. This collection can strengthen and restore your hair while boosting shine and enhancing color. Put that color on lockdown this season with the most revitalizing treatments ever! You just relax in that chaise lounge and let the Color Protecting Spray flex its natural UV protection muscle.  

Frizz, Sun, Heat – they are all villains. But, our superheroes will work tirelessly and fearlessly to protect your hair from the root – aka, your scalp. Take the same precautions you would to protect yourself from a nice shade of lobster red and get ready for your hair to slay all summer long.