What’s In Your Hair?

There is a growing consciousness about what we put in and on our bodies. It’s undeniable.

Clean eating philosophies are being adopted at rapid rates.

You can barely escape conversations about GMOs and organic products.

Labels on everything from food to sunscreen to lipstick are being heavily scrutinized.

We love it. 

     We love that people are taking more of an interest in products they are using instead of just blindly making purchases. And at PHYTO, we love even more that the stream of consciousnesses is making waves in the haircare industry (see what we did there?) as well.

     Because it should! Your hair is literally growing from your scalp. It’s a living, dynamic part of your body and it’s time to really think about what you are using to nurture it. Lucky for you, we’ve been thinking about it for more than 50 years. 

Our labs in France are where the magic happens. And by magic, we mean every single part of the production process – from plant to product. PHYTO takes the botanical power of plants seriously. So seriously, that we were doing it before it was even a thing. What exactly does it mean to own our labs and the R&D involved with them?

It means:

Products that are 95% - 100% natural overall. That translates to no parabens, silicones, mineral oils and synthetic alcohols in most of our products…because, YUCK!

We ditch the water and instead add potent plant extracts.

No preservatives! We use recyclable glass and aluminum only, because in this case, the outside is just as important as what’s on the inside.

And never, ever do we test on animals in our labs in France.

     We believe in utilizing botanicals to promote healthy hair and that mindset is as present in our labs as it is woven into every part of our company culture. Sure, we could outsource processes. But we choose not to. Instead, we have full control over our proprietary processes. We like that power, not in a creepy control freak way, rather a socially responsible way that allows us to bring products to market with integrity. Luxurious products made from nature. It’s like the whole farm to table concept taking the culinary world by storm, but for your hair.

     Because we are family owned, we can create products our way. It’s a responsibility we not only take seriously, but revel in. There are immeasurable amounts of TLC in every formula we create. We work closely with a talented team of scientists and stylists to ensure that our formulas do exactly what we want them to do, which is to achieve beautiful and healthy hair, naturally!

The desire to unleash the power of plants is deeply rooted in our heritage (yup, we did it again). PHYTO was founded on the very thought that haircare should be comprised of products that come from nature. Although our company has evolved over the years to keep up with industry demands, we have never deviated from the core values that make us PHYTO. Since we have remained the leader in plant-based hair care year after year, we know our salon-quality products are doing exactly what we created them to do. 

Now go infuse your hair with the power of PHYTO.