They’re Talking About US

You may have heard. The chatter circulating about PHYTO. It’s ok, though. We’re into it.

     So into it as a matter of fact, that we’ll even fill you in. PHYTO has racked up a bunch of awards recently and we couldn’t be more excited. We work incredibly hard behind the scenes to develop the highest quality products that marry nature and luxury. So, when we get nods from others, it makes us want to do a happy dance of epic proportions. Sometimes we do because that’s just good company culture. 

Here's the thing…regardless of how long PHYTO has been on the scene (which is 50 plus years if you are counting), we are still humbled when our products are called out and receive honors. Even after several decades, there is nothing like validation that we are doing something right – whether it comes from customers, celebrities or industry publications, we will take it all – PROUDLY! Mostly because it’s not accidental. Everything we do is purposeful to ensure that the PHYTO experience is spot on and consistent for anyone who gets their hands on our products. The PHYTO family works tirelessly, from carefully curating our own ingredients to properly educating salons and customers alike, on the benefits of plant-based hair care.

     Every customer, every salon, every employee, every person involved in production and distribution of our line, is an extension of our family-based business. And while our roots are in France, still the hub of all things PHYTO, our reach continues to grow as we leave our very green footprint every step along the way. Without those who believe in and use our products, all of it would be for nothing. We thank YOU, All of you. And we hope you won’t mind our little moment of indulgence as we share the details of our latest round of recognition since you are such an integral part of it.

And the award goes to….


This little bottle of magic earned an Elle International Beauty Award. It’s one of our fan favorites because it treats as you heat -  literally leaving your hair soft as silk. That’s not marketing fluff. It’s real life. This leave-in thermal protectant spray works its magic, repairing hair while protecting from the heat we all use to style our tresses. It deserves a moment (or 20) in the limelight.

PHYTODÉFRISANT – botanical straightening balm

Allure handpicked this gem for its Best of Beauty Hall of Fame. Why? It’s one of our earlier products but has stood the test of time and still tames even the frizziest of frizz. How do you know if you need it? If you blow dry your hair, you need it. Not only will you see immediate effects of smooth, weightless and gorgeous locks, but your hair will actually continue to heal with long-term use.

PHYTOVOLUME ACTIF – volumizing spray

How did this product make the list of INSTYLE Best Beauty Buys for 4 years in a row? It achieves that root boosting bouncy blowout every woman loves. This is one of those staples that should live in your stash of hair care products.


It’s not just your body that can get fatigued. Your hair can also get totally stressed out! The good news is that we have a product for that and People en Español Magazine named it a Star Product. This proprietary 99% botanical formula destresses your hair, like a trip to the spa does for your soul. It works from the scalp to strengthen and invigorate, so you grow more healthy and beautiful hair.


You get Phytodensia. You get Phytodensia. Everybody gets Phytodensia - winner of a Fall Beauty O-Ward from O, The Oprah Magazine

I mean, if Oprah is a fan, you know you need to try it! If your hair is feeling a little lackluster, THIS is your answer. Use it to cleanse and infuse a newfound volume, leaving your hair nourished and soft to the touch. If your hair is feeling a little flat, just plump it up!

Thank you to our loyal PHYTO fam for making all of these possible.


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