The appeal of french beauty is evergreen. Understated and effortless, it’s revered across the globe by numerous people and for good reason. It’s an easy look to recreate and requires minimal hassle. We spoke to PHYTO's Global Artistic Director, Anthony Christiano, about his take on recreating the french blowdry. Also known as Le Brushing. A technique crafted by our very own, Patrick Ales.

Anthony Christiano: An interesting fact about hair legend and founder of Phyto, Mr. Patrick Ales, is that he was responsible for creating “Le Bushing”, otherwise known as the French Blowdry.

My go-to products to create the perfect French Blowdry at home are the Phytovolume Shampoo and Phytobaume Volume, Phyto Intense Volume Mousse, Phytovolume Actif, and Phytolaque Soie.

STEP ONE: This involves hydrating and cleaning the scalp. Phytovolume Shampoo, revitalizes and hydrates the hair.

STEP TWO: Apply Phytobaume Volume, a express conditioner. It detangles the hair, and helps regain density and shine, without weighing it down.

STEP THREE: Once out of the shower, towel blot your hair, and comb in Phyto Intense Volume Mousse mid strand and throughout the hair, combined with Phytovolume Actif at the roots. This combination of these two products will maximize your volume while giving fullness and bounce.

STEP FOUR: Eliminate the moisture from the hair by simply tousle drying it. Make a total of five sections. First, section off the crown of your hair, and the rest in four quadrants.

STEP FIVE: Begin round brushing the hair with a natural boar bristle brush. It’s important to use this tool to help smooth and create the tension you need to get the perfect shape. Blowdry each section starting from the bottom and working to the top of the quadrants. Once each section is completely smooth and dry, clip the sections into a barrel curl, essentially creating a roller. Complete all sections, leaving the last sections at the crown.

STEP SIX: Once the barrel curls are set and cooled, begin to unclip them, and lightly rake though the curls with your fingers and push them into shape.

STEP SEVEN: For the final touch, I reach for Phytolaque Soie. It’s the perfect lightweight hairspray that contains silk proteins and leaves the hair with a brushable hold that creates a beautiful shine for everyone’s perfect event.

There you have it! An easy routine from an industry giant on how to get the ideal French waves invented by our founder, Patrick Ales. Make sure to follow Anthony Cristiano's salon here