Haircare Is The New Skincare - Scalps Are In

Beauty tutorials, Shelfies, Get Ready With Me, etc. etc. The internet is packed with amazing content dedicated to skincare and makeup. There are just as many tidbits out there about styling hair. What’s coming up more and more now, is caring for hair. To quote our founder: beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp.

Allow us to break it down for you. We’ve been treating scalps and hair for nearly half a century. Each individual is unique, and their hair is a reflection of that. One thing that is unanimous among all individuals concerned about their hair? They all want it to be healthy. Not everyone has the same ideals for beauty, but healthy hair is desired by all. It allows you to play with your look and feel your best without worrying about extensive damage. If your hair is healthy, well then, it’s already gorgeous.

When you work through your skincare regimen, it’s so that your face looks and feels its best. Having healthy hair to compliment your glowing face is a winning combination. To achieve this, you need to start from the bottom and work your way to the exterior.

Your scalp has over 100,000 hair follicles. It has five layers, the first of which is the skin. This is home to many sebaceous glands. The structure of your scalp makes it sturdy but difficult to care for. Unlike the skin on your face, to cleanse and treat your scalp, you need to work around your hair. Just because your scalp isn't as exposed as your face, doesn't mean it cannot be damaged. In fact, the presence of all that hair atop your scalp is all the more reason to do everything you can to help your scalp breathe.

Dryness and oiliness are two very common concerns when it comes to scalps. Hair loss is another common concern that has as much to do with your scalp as it does with your hair. If your scalp isn't nourished efficiently and is weak or damaged, your hair will mirror that. A weak scalp will result in hair loss, a dry scalp will result in dandruff and dry hair, and an oily scalp will lead to greasy hair and excess buildup.

Just like you follow certain steps as a part of your skincare routine, you should develop a haircare routine specific to your scalp and hair type. If your scalp is imbalanced, you should look into a scalp treatment to target the problem. We developed our cult favorite Phytopolléine which is a 100% botanical solution for your scalp concerns. It is a mix of essential oils that deeply stimulate and exfoliate. Essential oils are more beneficial because they are known for their ability to penetrate deeper into the skin. It encourages your scalp to circulate blood and increase its strength. This is product is the best way to get a clean slate for your scalp.

Next, remember that the main purpose of a cleanser is to cleanse your scalp. It is more prone to buildup than your hair. We recommend Phytoneutre. It’s suitable for all hair type. Finally, don’t forget to hydrate your tresses with our Phytojoba Mask. Don’t make your scalps job any harder than it needs to be. Keeping your hair moisturized and supple and your scalp healthy will cause a harmonious balance.

For a full guideline on haircare and scalp care, read out step-by-step guide here!