Welcome, welcome! For those of you who are new to our blog, this post is going to be a great introduction to what we do here at La Phytotheque. For those of you who are regulars, this post is going to be a great follow up on our previous post dedicated to thinning hair.

We wanted to talk about thinning hair and hair loss once more because it is officially shedding season. The days are getting longer, our outfits are getting lighter and our hair is getting thinner.

You might be getting frustrated every time you shower or have a fair number of panic attacks when you run a comb through your hair and find an unusually large number of strands caught between the teeth. If it’s Spring or Fall, this is totally normal. No need to sound of any alarms. We’ve got you covered.

What your hair needs right now is support. Not unlike how you might treat the skin on your body or face when there is a change in season, you need to give your hair the same amount of care. When you’re losing hair due to seasonal change, you need to nourish your scalp, strengthen your roots and thicken your strands.

Here are the collections we recommend for you to try out. Read about each of them carefully, and pick the products that you think would suit your hair the most.

PHYTOLOGIST: We created this collection to tackle hair loss and thinning hair, in its most common forms. This would include seasonal hair loss or thinning. Since this is something that most people face, we developed a treatment that would aid your scalp and stop your hair from weakening. It is 99% botanical and drug-free. The ingredients include: Indian Gentian, Cacao, Scutellaria Baicalensis, Globularia Cordifolia. The combination of these help support the scalp and hair by creating an optimal environment that encourages healthy growth. It improves the thickness or your hair, as well as the luster. It’s a lightweight formula that is instantly absorbed by your scalp and smells pretty good too. Follow it up with the Phytologist Shampoo and you’ve got yourself a knockout remedy.

PHYTOCYANE: A little bit more specific than Phytologist, Phytocyane is created for those who are dealing with reactionary hair loss. That's the term applied when you start shedding due to stress, change in hormone levels, diet, and other circumstances that are temporary changes. We offer a treatment and a shampoo as solutions. The treatment comes in a neat little vial that you crack open and distribute onto your scalp. Follow it with the shampoo for optimal results.

PHYTOLIUM: Last but not the least, Phytolium. This is for people who unfortunately have hair loss coded into  their genetics. Sounds bad, but we can help you guys out. Men in particular face androgenetic alopecia more than women do so this line is ideal for gents. This is a treatment plus shampoo line as well. However, in this line, use the shampoo first followed by the treatment. Use as directed.

You can pick products and alternate based on your understanding of your hair of course, but for the most part, anything and everything your hair might be dealing with right now can be fixed by shopping on our website.