You’ve got a set routine when it comes to taking care of the skin on your face. You’ve got the basics of haircare down to a T as well. Yet, somehow you’re still struggling with haircare problems.

For the length of time that we have been studying and nurturing hair (which, by the way, is a very long time), we have always known that improved hair is a direct result of patience, good ingredients, and a flawless routine. We developed a ritual of philosophy. For PHYTO, beauty & health can only be achieved through a thorough approach. For beautiful hair, this can only come from a healthy scalp. That is why we start our routine for our haircare from the root and work our way to the tip. This is a philosophy that is proven and benefits all types of hair.

We’ve broken down the haircare routine to 5 steps:

  1. THE PRE-SHAMPOOS: To purify and stimulate the scalp, and to hydrate and nourish the hair.

  2. THE CLEANSING CARES: Shampoos, cleansing cares cream to choose according to the condition of the scalp or the nature of the hair.

  3. THE RINSE OFF CARES: Balm or deep conditioners according to the nature of hair.

  4. THE LEAVE-IN CARES: Most often in daily use on lengths or hair ends.

  5. THE STYLING CARES: Shapes and protects the hairs.

We’ve taken this philosophy and used it as a cornerstone for each of our collections. As unique as each individual product is, they work best when paired with their partners. Our premium collections are probably the best way to explain how to apply this philosophy into your weekly haircare routine.

PHYTOKERATINE EXTREME: Lack of shine or dry hair is a problem faced by many. With the first day of spring officially open us, dry hair should improve but a change of season means hair loss and weak hair. This collection is perfect for your hair and scalp when there’s a shift in the weather. Just like you would follow steps for your skincare, this collection has a product for each step in your haircare routine. Start with our shampoo as a cleanser. Hydrate your hair with the hair mask and notice the remarkable difference it has post shower. Finally, apply the exceptional cream once your done styling to protect your hair.

PHYTOELIXIR: This collection is kind of like the more extreme version of PHYTOKERATINE. It’s got more goodies and is the ideal collection for those of you looking to expand your haircare collection. This line features our cult favorite Phytoelixir Oil. It coats each and every strand and rejuvenates your hair from the fiber up. Follow it up with either the cleansing cream or the shampoo and end your routine with the Phytoelixir Hair Mask.  

PHYTODENSIA: Our newest premium line is one we’re extremely excited about. It’s designed for aging hair. With time, everyone’s hair gets a little thinner and frail. Treat this by targeting the roots and scalp. Apply the serum on either dry or damp hair and follow it up with the Phytodensia Shampoo. To seal the deal, use the fluid plumping mask which will give your hair the volume you’ve known it to have.