Coloring your hair is an ordeal. Maintaining it even more so. This time next week, we’re launching a new collection that helps you hold onto your colored tresses by locking, enhancing, and protecting them.

We’re so excited to grow our PHYTO family by adding four new members, all under our PHYTOMILLESIME collection. We created this specifically for every one of you daredevils out there who were brave enough to change your look. You want to make sure that the time and money you invested in revamping your hair don’t go down the drain (pun intended), right? The best way to do so is by using products that not only protect your hair color but also enhance it. If the products boost the natural strength and shine of your hair, then that's a win in our books. 

Without further ado, allow us to introduce each of our new PHYTOMILLESIME family members.

PHYTOMILLESIME COLOR LOCKER PRE-SHAMPOO: The texture of this product is a lightweight, gel-in-oil that should be applied from the roots to the tips of your hair before shampooing. It acts as a booster for the naturally occurring protective shield in your hair. This locks in all of your gorgeous color and keeps it in place when you’re under the shower water. The ingredient that allows the color to stay in place is the Color Locker Complex. This locks the color at the heart of the hair fiber. Leave it on for about 2 minutes and then follow it up with the next guy in the family.

PHYTOMILLESIME COLOR ENHANCING SHAMPOO: This is a light foaming shampoo that abides by all the rules that make for a good color protecting shampoo. Except it does so much more than most. It contains Edelweiss Flower that acts as a powerful antioxidant for your hair and a soothing agent for your scalp, leaving your hair softer than it was before. It intensifies the color of your hair and keeps the dye intact. Lather it onto your hair and leave it on for about 3 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

PHYTOMILLESIME COLOR ENHANCING MASK: Like many of our hair masks, this guy is enriched with argan butter. But, what sets this color-enhancing mask apart is the Red Love Apple Extract that can be found in the entire PHYTOMILLESIME collection. It preserves the color and nourishes the hair fiber that is weakened by color treatment.  This extract also enhances color and magnifies hair shine, making your new look more vibrant and intense.

PHYTOMILLESIME COLOR PROTECTING MIST: This is a texturizing mist and the final step in your color enhancing routine. It tames any fly-aways or frizziness left in your hair and guards your hair against the elements throughout the day. Essentially, it makes sure all the hard work you put in doesn’t go to waste. You needn’t worry about your hair color fading or being damaged whatsoever. Just carry on with your usual business and watch how your hair looks like day two hair, everyday.

You can shop this story in ULTA,, and select salons starting April 1st!