Shampoo and condition. This has been the length of our hair care routine since we were kids and for many of us, that’s still the norm. But for those of us who have dared to venture into the world of color treated hair, we know it’s never as simple as shampoo and condition.

PHYTOMILLESIME is unlike any other hair care collection formulated for color-treated hair. When most people think of the kind of shampoo they should be using on their color treated hair, sulfate-free is the extent of their understanding. However, maintaining color treated hair is a lot more than just buying a bottle of sulfate-free shampoo. If you’re going to the lengths of dyeing your hair into a whole other shade, then you want to make sure the results aren’t damaging and stay vibrant for as long as possible. Coarse and faded is not a good look. Ever.

Part of the process is to ensure that you’re using the best possible hair dyes and have an incredible hair colorist at the start of the process. Once you step out of the salon though, the ball is in your court. How long your treatment lasts, how good your hair looks, and how soft your hair feels is dependent on how well you groom it. A good hair care routine paired with even better hair care products are the industry recommended tips to achieve this.

What we discovered though is something that’s about to change the way you manage color-treated hair. No matter how gentle or effective your color safe shampoo is going to be, if your hair dye doesn’t have a protective coating before you shower, it will loosen its grip on your hair follicles. Which is why we created PHYTOMILLESIME’s Color Locker Pre-Shampoo.

It began with the invention of the Color Locker. This is made up of plant-based active ingredients rich in amino acids that coat the hair and protect your color. Color Locker and Red Love Apple extract are the stars of this entire collection. We knew that no matter how gentle and cleverly formulated a cleanser can be, color-treated hair needs an added layer of protection before it can be rid of buildup. So we developed the Pre-Shampoo. A ground-breaking innovation that is guaranteed to cause less color stripping. We tested this product and our Color Enhancing Shampoo on 102 women and 92% said they were satisfied with the combination. Your hair color is remains intact for four whole weeks before it starts to lose its vibrancy.

True to our word, we also reported 41% less color fading with this product and the best part? It’s botanical. Like all your other PHYTO products.