HAIResolutions You Can Actually Get Done in 2019

It’s January, which means it’s time to get serious about those New Years’ Resolutions – especially the ones for your hair. Didn’t make any? Don’t fret…we did it for you! Since no two heads of hair are the same, neither are the resolutions that accompany them. Regardless of where your priorities are, PHYTO will be like your own little HAIR-y godmother and make sure you head into the new year with healthy and beautiful hair. It’s kind of our thing.


RESOLUTION: Tackle that dandruff

Balance and detox the scalp while taking care of that pesky dandruff? YES please! PHYTOPOLLÉINE is a botanical powerhouse that will do all of that and more, using our proprietary blend of botanicals. And don’t judge a book by its cover, or a bottle by its size. Each bottle of this little miracle worker is filled with 4 pounds of fresh plants.

RESOLUTION: Be done with damage

Your hair goes through a lot! Blow drying, flat ironing, color and so many other elements. Sometimes it needs a good dose of TLC to bring it back to life. Our PHYTOKÉRATINE EXTRÊME Collection is made for this job. Our shampoo, cream and mask work alone or as a team to get your hair back in shape. So, go ahead, transform that dry, brittle hair and step in the new year with renewed vibrance, shine and softness. Damage is so 2018.

RESOLUTION: Make color last longer

You spend a lot of time and money perfecting and maintaining the color of your tresses. Don’t wash it all out with mediocre products. Our PHYTOMILLESIME Collection loves color. Protect it, enhance and lock that color down!

RESOLUTION: Make those greys go away

If grey isn’t your color…get rid of it! Our revolutionary PHYTO RE30 is selling like hotcakes. We spent 6 years in clinical trials perfecting this formula to address grey hair WITHOUT the use of pigment. Instead it boosts YOUR natural pigment production. It works from the root and helps your hair grow back stronger, softer and with color.

RESOLUTION: Help thinning hair

Is your hair falling more than it should? Don’t wait any longer to get that taken care of! Stimulate natural hair growth and get thicker, fuller strands with our award-winning PHYTOLOGIST Hair Thinning Treatment. The 99% botanical formula is drug and hormone free and helps create a healthy scalp environment and bring back shinier, thicker, denser-looking hair.


Fact – nobody likes frizz. Nobody. One of our most sought-after products is PHYTODÉFRISANT. It’s a cult favorite for a reason. The heat-activated complex will give you that perfect, sleek blow dry while also protecting against damage.

Whatever your resolutions are, PHYTO has a product to achieve it. Don’t dive into the new year without getting your hair in check.