5 Products Over 95% Botanical That You Need To Know About

There is a little bit of magic in every PHYTO product. It’s our own magic that we actually grow and harvest with our own hands in our own labs in Paris (aka, where the magic happens). We know you have a lot of choices when you peruse the aisles of a retail store or scroll through online stores. We get that it can be overwhelming as you try to pinpoint what you want and reconcile it with what your hair might actually need. 

We also realize that the level of scrutiny in reading the ingredients is at an all time high. As it should be! Your hair is an extension of your body. It should be cared for and catered to so it can be healthy and thriving. PHYTO is committed to keeping your hair healthy, without chemicals. We rely on the power of botanicals to nourish and support your hair’s growth, naturally.

So, we want to put our business out there and tell you about some of our favorite products and the percentage of plant power in them. You should know what’s in your products and can rest assured that our products are packed with good stuff. Let’s get transparent, am I right?



One hundred percent, as in ALL OF IT! This little bottle packs quite the botanical punch! Rid your scalp of dirt and impurities with essential oils such as, rosemary, sage, cypress, eucalyptus and lemon. Healthy hair grows from a healthy scalp, so this one is a no-brainer. It purifies, balances, energizes and fortifies and you (and everyone else) will notice the difference.


You don’t end up on an Allure Magazine Best of Beauty Award roster by accident, right? Our heat-activated botanical straightening balm is 99% natural. Many anti-frizz treatments employ the use of strong chemicals to get the job done, but not us! Immediately soften hair to get that sleek finish with our exclusive botanical formula rich in ferula, horseradish, and sage.


Also coming in at 99% botanicals, PHYTOLOGIST offers a shampoo and scalp treatment (We’re really into the scalp if you can’t tell). Created to address the challenge of thinning hair, this formula gives you thicker, stronger, denser hair…naturally.

4) RE30 - 98%

This one is going to blow your mind AND get rid of those greys. The newest member of the PHYTO fam is RE30, a clinically tested formula to delay greys and also reverse the process altogether. But wait, there’s more…it’s 98% botanicals.


Serious hydration without serious chemicals is a win-win. Get rid of frizz, add shine and get that silky-smooth hair with this 98% botanical formula.

Don’t be afraid to read labels. Your hair deserves the best and PHYTO is dedicated to bringing you the best. We love botanicals as much as we love every single hair on your head. All of the research and work we do to create natural products is so you can rest your beautiful head of hair on your pillow, feeling good about the products you are using.