Three Steps to Detox Your Scalp!

The word detox gets thrown around a lot at the beginning of each year. People detox their bodies, their minds and their lives in the spirit of starting the year with a clean slate! You know what else could use a nice, squeaky clean slate? Your scalp!


For real. Just like the rest of your body, your scalp needs attention too. It needs balance and maintenance in order to grow healthy, thriving hair. We have a fantastic three-step process to get your scalp in shape using the finest botanicals, because your hair deserves it. Think of it like a facial for the scalp. So, let’s do this!!

1)  TREAT with PHYTOPOLLÉINE. Healthy hair grows from the source. Your scalp is that source and deserves the royal treatment. So, roll out the red carpet with a 100% essential oil-based miracle treatment. It purifies, kicks nasty impurities to the curb and energizes your scalp to help promote healthy growth.

2)  CLEANSE with PHYTONEUTRE. Packed with essential oils, like eucalyptus, this formula gently removes build up without stripping your hair of what it needs. Your hair gets to keep its protective barrier while it gets totally oxygenated and the best part is that you get soft, bouncy hair. And by the way, we have a variety of cleansing formulas to fit different needs since no two scalps are exactly the same.

3)  NOURISH it up with your favorite PHYTO mask or conditioner. Go with PHYTOKÉRATINE Extrême Mask if your strands are very damaged and brittle, give our PHYTODENSIA Fluid Plumping Mask a try if your hair needs some extra volume and density, or experience the intense hydration and nourishment of our PHYTOELIXIR Nutrition Mask if your tresses are looking dry and dull.

Regardless of your PHYTO choices, we usually suggest topping it off with one of our most popular products, PHYTODÉFRISANT. It’s a real crowd pleaser and winner of an Allure Best of Beauty Award. It’s the perfect finishing touch for that perfect style, like the cherry-on-top of haircare. Trade that frizz for that sleek and smooth blow-dry that puts a little spring in your step.

Don’t continue the year with hair that’s blah. Take care of your scalp and it will grow that head of hair you really want!