New Packaging, Who Dis?

Some of our PHYTO products got a little facelift. But don’t fret! They are still the same exact formulas you have come to trust and love for all of your haircare needs.

Sure, PHYTO offers a bunch of mix-and-match treatment options. But we’re also great at daily haircare. So, we figured we show you what we’re made of! Like literally. With raw plants representing at least 60% of our formulas, we want to show them off. We’ve swapped the aluminum bottle for clear and simple designs. Our bottles are transparent, just like us. We are committed to giving back to nature, so they are 100% recyclable and because they are now squeezable, that means you get every last drop!

repack tease.jpg

PHYTO founder, Patrick Ales, renowned celebrity hair dresser, is actually the creator of PHYTOTHÉRATRIE, which means the “hair care by plants”. And now, with PHYTO approaching the big 5-0, we’re celebrating with a new look to showcase the award-winning, customer favorite products we are known for. Ales has always been fascinated by the power of plants and what they do for the scalp and hair. No matter what our packaging looks like, that passion never wavers.

This seemingly small change is saving more than 70,000 pounds of cardboard. But we are more than just a collection of luxurious, green haircare products. We are totally into giving you beautiful, healthy hair all starting with your scalp. Now more than ever, our consumers are paying more attention to labels and what issues products address. Our recent research revealed that almost 60% of women wanted to know what they could do to improve scalp health. And we were like…wait a minute! That’s our jam! It’s literally the cornerstone of what makes PHYTO, PHYTO. The scalp is where it’s at and if you don’t treat it well, it will show in your hair.

PHYTO was doing botanicals before it was a thing. And now that it is gaining more and more attention in the market, our packaging evolution is all part of our effort to cater to your needs and continuously looking for ways to give back to nature, while staying true to our roots. Amazing things happen when you take care of your scalp and hair with products derived straight from nature. We are excited to be on the journey to healthy hair with you. We always appreciate your feedback because you are our people and want our people to have the best possible haircare products.

So, don’t worry when you see some of our new packages on the shelves of your local beauty supply and online. We may look a little different at 50, but rest assured we’re still the same PHYTO.

You can shop our new packaging on starting March 1st, 2019. In the meantime, you can stock up on all products with the old packaging with a special 15% OFF. Valid on all products in the LAST CHANCE section.